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North Carolina Land Grant Entry Book - Orange County - Vol 1 By Stewart Dunaway
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This book (Vol 1 of 2) contains images of the original Land Grant entry book for Orange County, North Carolina for 1778. This volume contains 1000 land grant entries per this audit, as requested in... More > 1795. The original book can be found at the State Archives (Raleigh). However, the original book has no indexing (other than Entry#). This book contains detailed indexing. Thanks to spread sheets, the transcribed data can be sorted and from exporting this information, detailed indexing is provided. Also some statistical analysis was accomplished, including graphs for these 1000 grants. Volume 2 contains the comparison data of all 1800 grants, thus summarizing Vol 1 and 2. *UPDATED Oct 2012* New indexing - last name, first name.Updated 2014 - errata - one image of the original book was missing (NOT the actual information) - just the image.< Less
Caldwell Co., N.C. - Road and Mill Records (1838-1894) By Stewart Dunaway
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Caldwell County was formed in 1841 from part of Burke and Wilkes counties. Caldwell will be reduced in size by the formation of Watauga (1849), Mitchell (1861), and Avery (1911) counties (along with... More > other adjoining counties). Although formed in 1841, there are road records pre-dating this year, which originates from Burke Co. The mill records contained in this book are all that was preserved, which is a very small collection. There are many road reports, of which, some were not transcribe, as they were repetitive and not that informative. However, the original letters are included so the reader can peruse as they wish.< Less
Orange County, N.C. - Mill Records - 1782-1859 By Stewart Dunaway
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This book is the complete collection of Mill Petitions and law suits for Orange County, N.C. In order to dam up a stream/river to errect a mill, a petition was required to be approved by the court.... More > This book contains these records, including the actual image, and a transcript. Also maps and pictures are provided for those mills/location that can be found today. In addition this book contains a detail suit over the George Johnston mill on New Hope Creek. A fantastic story to read, from the law suit. Updated June 2010 to add more information found in court records and some additional information from my research on Patterson Mill on New Hope Creek - which will become a standalone book. * UPDATED to add new records from court trials.< Less
Watauga County, N.C. - Road Records (1867-1884) By Stewart Dunaway
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Watauga County was formed in 1849 from parts of Ashe, Wilkes, Caldwell, and Yancey County. If you were to look at this county’s formation like a descendants tree, the oldest records would be... More > Wilkes (ignoring Rowan) then Ashe (1799), followed by Yancey (1833) and Caldwell (1841). Yet, even Watauga was reduced in size when Mitchell County was formed in 1861 (as well as parts of many other counties). Then in modern times Avery County was formed from part of Watauga in 1911 (along with other counties). Despite all of these changes, this county preserved a lot of material housed in four fibred boxes. This book contains records from the first two boxes. The third and fourth box contain more modern records, as well as records being filed by title – such as a law suit (over a road) etc. In Box 3 there was a bridge contract which is included in this book. There was not a dedicated box (or folder) pertaining to bridges. In addition this volume does NOT include all of the overseer appointment records.< Less