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Before the printed word was the oral tradition of the minstrel, the troubadour, the travelling player, the wandering prophet or griot, the magician. Words are made to be spoken out loud, especially... More > when they are crafted for expression with sound and senses involved. This is the power of true spelling. This is the nature of poetry, to conjure and invoke feelings, memories, atmosphere,magic.< Less
Every poem is a love song somehow By Bart Wolffe
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A new collection of poems that celebrate love and language.
WORM HEAD By Bart Wolffe
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"The idea that the 'insane' and the 'mad' may well have the true insights that the 'sane' do not has a long pedigree (especially when the 'sane' represent the ranks of officialdom). Bart... More > Wolffe's novel features an everyman by the name of John Citizen incarcerated in a Harare lunatic asylum sometime in the 1990's. An alien worm by the name of Varg has invaded John's brain. Varg is the repository of secrets far ahead of our time. As he yields them to John, the latter fears for his sanity. The dim-witted and time-serving beaurocratic representatives of officialdom take him to be insane and commit him to an asylum. As time progresses, John's emotional and psychological delirium clears as he comes to understand his condition. The relationship between parasite and host is transformed into a partnership. In an act of pure altruism, the worm literally turns against its own alien masters and facilitates John's relationship with a psychiatric nurse who provides his redemption. Franco Henwood, for THE ZIMBABWEAN< Less
God's Own Country By Bart Wolffe
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A thriller about land, the struggle for ownership, the occupier and the inheritor, God's Own Country is set in Rhodesia and tells a story of faith and fear, superstition and intrigue. It is a love... More > story but also a tale of conflict and magic, of the darkest kind.< Less