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The Tom O'Dowd Gang Rides Again By M.E. Robertson-Hoon, M.E. Robertson-Hoon
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Even though the Civil War ended some thirty years before, there are still some very sinister gunslingers running around the untamed west, and aiming to steal the land right out from underneath the... More > Arliss Black's gang, at least they don't have anything left to lose, that is until the Tom O'Dowd's gang runs into a bit of mutiny, which brings about an unknown new enemy to the gang, but they won't realize it until the new gunslinger takes control and sneaks into Yarford City!< Less
Water Signs By M.E. Robertson-Hoon
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For Devlin Howard, the world is full of very eccentric personalities, and this stands true for the strange people Devlin and his partner come in contact with. After receiving a bizarre report from... More > this quaint village in South Cardiff, especially with Mrs. Kerry who believes she is saw an image underneath the water of a pond near her house, but is she right?< Less
A Car For Sale(for Satan) By M.E. Robertson-Hoon
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Ora Rickward's boyfriend, Dan Jones is a recent transplant from America and he has just moved to Cardiff and he is looking for a new car and it doesn't help much since his girlfriend just happens to... More > be a medium and her first time touching the new car, she senses nothing, but evil.< Less
A Car for Sale(Satan) By M.E. Robertson-Hoon, M.E. Robertson-Hoon
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Ora Rickward's new boyfriend, Dan Jones, he’s a pediatrician and has no idea that his girlfriend works for a paranormal investigation team, she hears the voices of the dead and she believes his... More > new car could possibly be possessed, and she's going to have some explaining to do when his car winds up destroyed after the team decides to give his an exorcism, which is rather difficult when the priest is a Protestant vicar. How is Ora going to explain this one?< Less