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The New Alignment of Life: Concerning the Mental Laws of a Greater Personal and Public Power By Ralph Waldo Trine
eBook (ePub): $9.34
The multitude of readers who have found help in the writings of Ralph Waldo Trine will welcome this volume. It is a strong plea for a vital and practical religion, "a religion of the spirit that... More > relates itself intimately to the affairs of everyday life," and that is devoid of the formalism and the materialism which too often are found bearing the name of religion.Such a religion the author nds revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus, whose statement of the two great commandments, love to God and I love to man, he characterizes as the greatest saying in the world's history. The appropriation of this truth and its corollary, our essential oneness with the Universal Divine Life, will revolutionize and reconstruct human society, as the individual members of it are brought under the power of God in the soul, "speaking directly."< Less
The Wayfarer On the Open Road By Ralph Waldo Trine
eBook (ePub): $9.31
What makes for a well-balanced, useful and happy life is not necessarily being too serious and pious. Anything that keeps us from a free, happy, spontaneous existence is good for us, in balance. ... More > The path to happiness, is not overly moral. This book aims above morality, to truth itself.< Less
Every Living Creature: Heart Training Through the Animal World By Ralph Waldo Trine
eBook (ePub): $9.34
Every Living Creature is an eloquent appeal for justice and mercy to our fellow-creatures. Ralph Waldo Trine discusses the benefits of vegetarianism, abstinence from hunting, the wickedness of... More > vivisection. "The tender and humane passion in the human heart is too precious a quality to allow it to be hardened or effaced by practices such as we often indulge in." Ralph Waldo Trine was a philosopher, mystic, teacher, author and early mentors of the New Thought Movement. As an author Trine has far outsold other New Thought authors.< Less
The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit By Ralph Waldo Trine
eBook (ePub): $4.46
In The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit, New Thought expert Ralph Waldo Trine speaks of those "moments in the lives of all of us when we catch glimpses of a life — our life — that is... More > infinitely beyond the life we are now living." This volume is packed with profound insights and practical tips designed to help readers break past the self-imposed limits holding them back and live a richer, more satisfying life.< Less

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