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Northampton, N.C. - Road and Bridge Records - Vol 2 - (1818-1867) By Stewart Dunaway
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Northampton was formed in 1741 from part of Craven County. It will remain intact with these original boundaries until 1759, when Hertford County is formed (also from parts of Chowan and Bertie). From... More > 1759, forward in time, Northampton County boundaries were never changed. The archive collection includes five boxes (covering 1789-1867) of road records, which will demand many volumes. The bridge records for this county were separated and were preserved from 1785 until 1867, contained in two boxes. The first box or road and bridge records were transcribed and published in 2014. Continuing the process of transcribing all records, this volume contains the last bridge box and then 2nd and 3rd (of 5) boxes of road records.< Less
Lincoln County, N.C. - Road Records - Vol. 3 (1833-1869) By Stewart Dunaway
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Lincoln County was formed in 1779, from Tryon County. Despite the age, the older records were not preserved. Lincoln will be reduced in size, when Cleveland County is formed from part of the western... More > side in 1841. The very next year, 1842, the northern part of the county was removed, forming Catawba County. Four years later, the southern part is removed when Gaston County was formed in 1846. Lincoln County is much smaller today than its original expanse. This will also impact researchers – as to when and where to research for a person in the county (as you might have to begin in Catawba and then back to Lincoln or vice versa). This is the next and final volume (Volume 3) in this county’s collection, which contains four boxes of records. The first box contains (1781-1822), Box 2(1823-1832), Box 3(1833-1839), Box 4(1840-1869).This volume contains the content of the final two boxes.< Less
Orange County, N.C. - Suspended Land Grants (1782-1808) By Stewart Dunaway
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Suspended land grants are records dealing with conflicts over "vacant land". These records are for Orange County, NC. This book contains images of the original documents, including a... More > transcript so that names and locations can be indexed. These original records are in the State Archives (Raleigh) - but are not cataloged on an individual basis.< Less
Orange County, N.C. Ejectments - Vol. 1 - (1787-1814) By Stewart Dunaway
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Ejectment was a legal process to verify ownership of land via title. This legal process changed into a process where people could check if you had clear title, making the current resident –... More > prove ownership. If you could not, you were ejected. NEW INDEX - NEW computer plats for a number of ejectments.< Less