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Wayne County, N.C. - Road and Mill Records (1791-1875) By Stewart Dunaway
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Wayne County was formed in 1779 from part of Dobbs County. Lenoir and Glasgow were also formed from Dobbs, when Dobbs Co. was abolished in 1791. Wayne County will be divided up as well, whereby... More > Wilson County will get a piece (1855). Therefore, these records will include rivers and towns from Wilson as well. Wayne County collection is contained in 4-boxes. Two boxes contain all overseer appointments (1820-1845). One box has Alterations to roads and road reports (1803-1866) also Civil Petitions (1845-1873) and more overseer appointments (1791-1819). The next box has Petitions from 1803-1839, and the final box continues with petitioners 1844-1914. This last box also contains State Actions concerning roads (folders cover 1811-1862) of which I have included the oldest folder (1811-1816). Also there is one box of bridge records which has been transcribed and included in a standalone volume.< Less
N.C. Colonial Land Grants - Lord Proprietor and Royal Grants (1712-1775) By Stewart Dunaway
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This book contains photographs of original grants that were NOT delivered to the grantee. These grants remained in the Sec. of State's office. Most grants include plats. The State Archive... More > (Raleigh)has these original grants, but remain uncataloged (per grant). This book provides a catalog, and index by location (river, stream, fords, adj propery owners), name of grantee, etc. The plats can contain detailed drawings which could assist researchers. See the back cover for counties and quantity of grants in this collection. These grants are from Lord Proprietors, King George II and George III.< Less
Anson County, N.C. - Road and Mill Records (1855-1903) By Stewart Dunaway
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Anson County was formed in 1750 from Bladen County. Bladen was formed in 1734 from New Hanover County, which was formed in 1729 from Craven. Craven was formed from Bath in 1705. Of course, Bath was... More > an original county (1664) and was abolished in 1739. However, none of the 18th century road records were preserved. Neither are there any old 19th century records. Yet, what was preserved is included in this volume. This collection contains two folders pertaining to grist mills. These records were filed in the miscellaneous County records. Also there was one folder with a document pertaining to licenses – of which included Ordinary licenses – which this author also transcribes. Although this is not an Ordinary Bond, it does include a list of Ordinary owners from the 18th century.< Less
Beaufort County, N.C. - Road Records (1840-1931) By Stewart Dunaway
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Beaufort County was formed in 1705 from Bath County (Bath formed in 1696). Beaufort was reduced in size by the formation of Pitt County in 1760. Finally, Pamlico County was formed in 1872 from parts... More > of Beaufort and Craven Counties. Beaufort is a very old east-coast county. However, none of the old records were preserved by the county court. In addition, the reader needs to be aware that in the county card catalog (N.C. State Archives) does not have any road, bridge, mill, ferry, or ordinary records listed. Yet, in the very back – under the CRX tab – is one entire box of road records, and a second miscellaneous box containing two folders of bridge records. NOTE: the bridge records are contained in a separate book (due to the size of the road collection).< Less