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Protector: Siam Storm 4: The Final Adventure By Robert A Webster
eBook (ePub): $4.60
The adventure continues in, Protector, the fourth book of the Siam Storm Series… When descendants of Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha, arrive at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, it is Prime Master... More > Pon’s duty to discover who is responsible for the murder of the other descendants, along with their age-old protectors. After capturing an assassin, Pon assembles a team of combatant monks to track down the leader of a rising savage group of terrorists. The fun begins when Spock and Stu join the team, and as usual, they find trouble. Even with Spock and Stu underfoot, the team uncovers evidence of a plot with worldwide implications. Protector follows the hazardous journey through unfamiliar terrain as the team races the clock to stop further killings of their brethren, only to discover that things are not always as they seem.< Less
Next: P.A.T.H. II By Robert A Webster
eBook (ePub): $4.57
The PATH team always assumed that there was a god, but it always seemed like a touchy subject whenever Church brought it up with his spirit keeper, Granny Pearl. She always told him that it was... More > something they couldn’t know until they went to the afterlife, and from there, there was no coming back. Imagine their surprise when they find out there are five gods, who are furious. The exhilarating climax to the PATH series. Church is overjoyed by the arrival of his baby daughter, Eve. His wife, Sue, looks more radiant than ever as she suckles their happy infant. Church is elated and thinks that nothing can spoil the day, not even Ryan moaning about being hungry. Sue tells Church that Granny Pearl and Grandpa Jack, their spirit keeper and guide, had already popped in through a portal and visited them, but they had to leave as something urgent was happening in the spirit world. However, the astonishing conversation that he will have with a strange entity on his return home was about to ruin his perfect day.< Less
Siam Storm: A Thailand Adventure. By Robert A Webster
eBook (ePub): $4.39
Spock and Stu are excited, with each having their own thoughts and expectations about their upcoming holiday to Thailand. The pair are in agreement however, on what their dream vacation is going to... More > entail: plenty of parties, lots of raunchy sex, copious amounts of beer, and balmy days chillaxing and drinking cocktails on warm sandy beaches. Boy, are they in for a shock. Once you pick up this hilarious adventure and start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down - Dinorah Blackman, ‘Readers favorite’...5 star rating.< Less
Bimat: A Vietnamese Adventure: Siam Storm III By Robert A Webster
eBook (ePub): $4.57
Who in their right mind would kidnap the daughter of a high-ranking Vietnamese National Assembly member and the mad monk’s wife...moreover, for what reason? The third part of the hilarious,... More > Siam Storm series. Spock and Stu were having a heated intellectual debate about saggy boobs when Pon phoned with his disturbing news. They knew that they must go to be by his side until things could be resolved. Spock and Stu now lived in Pattaya with their wives, Dao and Moo, and the past few years have been idyllic, with them both settling into to married life and the thoughts of any adventure far behind them. Although Pon sounded anxious on the phone, the lads thought that he was fretting over nothing as they made their way to Bangkok. However, Spock took his adventure hat along, just in case.< Less