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Learn English Superfast: Mega Volume By Manik Joshi
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CHAPTERS- 1. How to Start a Sentence 2. Interrogative Sentences 3. Imperative Sentences 4. Negative Forms in English 5. Learn English Exclamations 6. Causative Sentences 7. Conditional Sentences 8.... More > Creating Long Sentences in English 9. How to Use Numbers in Conversation 10. Making Comparisons in English 11. Examples of English Correlatives 12. Interchange of Active and Passive Voice 13. Repetition of Words 14. Remarks in English Language 15. Using Tenses in English 16. English Grammar- Am, Is, Are, Was, Were 17. English Grammar- Do, Does, Did 18. English Grammar- Have, Has, Had 19. English Grammar- Be and Have 20. English Modal Auxiliary Verbs 21. Direct and Indirect Speech 22. Get- Popular English Verb 23. Ending Sentences with Prepositions 24. Popular Sentences in English 25. Common English Sentences 26. Daily Use English Sentences 27. Speak English Sentences Everyday 28. Popular English Idioms and Phrases 29. Common English Phrases 30. Daily English- Important Notes< Less
Ending Sentences With Prepositions: Useful Tips By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $0.99
A big myth | list of prepositions | when to end a sentence with a preposition | situation – 01 - interrogative sentences | situation – 02 - passive voice sentences | situation – 03... More > - infinitive structures | situation – 04 - relative clauses | situation – 05 - phrasal verbs | how to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition | option – 01 - restructuring the sentence | option – 02 - using a different word | avoid unnecessary use of prepositions | additional examples | exercises: 1(a) and 1(b) | exercises: 2(a) and 2(b) || Sample This: Ending a Sentence with a Preposition - ABOUT -- Her success is all everybody in the town is talking about. How did the company come about? How did this all come about? I do not know which video you are talking about. There are many healthcare centers worth talking about. This is the player I told you about. This is what the fight is about. What are all these girls doing about? What are you thinking about? What did you want to read about? What do they want to talk about?< Less
Repetition of Words: Emphasize Your Thoughts By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
What is “repetition of words”? - repeating of a word, within a sentence in order to provide emphasis. This book covers the following topics: | structure (1)- word + and + word |... More > structure (2)- comparative + and + comparative | structure (3)- word + after + word | structure (4)- word + by + word | structure (5)- word + to + word | structure (6)- word + on/upon + word | structure (7)- word + against/of/for/in/with + word | structure (8)- the more, less, etc…, the more, less, etc… | structure (9)- Combination of the Same Words | structure (10)- repetition of various words | structure (11)- repetition of words more than once | structure (12)- repetition of ‘group of words’ | structure (13)- repetition of ‘two different words” | structure (14)- miscellaneous patterns | exercises | sample this - he tried and tried so many ways. They played and played cards all night. I shuddered and shuddered seeing the lion. Workers dug and dug the road.< Less
English Imperative Sentences: Most Common Imperative Verbs By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
English imperative sentences | What is an imperative sentence | Imperatives are used to give commands, imperatives are also used to give suggestion/instruction/warning/advice | Negative imperative... More > sentences | Examples of imperative sentences | Huge list of imperative verbs and sentences in alphabetical order | Sample this: attend the meeting, book a hotel room, climb the stair, discharge your duty, enforce the law, forgive a sin, go on foot, hang a painting, improve your appearance, jump that gate, keep up your English, light a candle, mend your ways, note this down, open up the cage, push a trolley, quash a decision, return to work, spell it out, tie your shoe laces, unpack the luggage, vacate the place, walk elegantly< Less