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Gabriel Thorn: A Faerie Tale By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $25.95
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In a tale of forbidden love and redemption, an Elf named Gabriel Thorn is destined to rescue his race from the grips of an evil curse cast down by a jealous god. As Gabriel struggles to embrace his... More > mission and the inner turmoil that threatens his resolve, humanity—the result of this curse—strives to prevent Gabriel from fulfilling the prophecy and restoring the Elven race to its former glory. Meanwhile, Gabriel's greatest opponent and leader of the crusade against him and the seven remaining Elves, Liam Rourke grooms his daughter Brianna to be his successor. It soon becomes clear, however, that Brianna must choose between the needs of her heart and the salvation of her own kind.< Less
Creatureton Elementary By Anthony Paolucci
Paperback: $8.99
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Eighth grader Sally Salamander Squibly is the unfortunate progeny of a Vampiress and a Werewolf. Why unfortunate you ask? Because Sally was born completely normal. Life at Creatureton Elementary is a... More > daily trial, a result of the physical and profound differences that separate poor Sally from her monster peers. Relentlessly taunted and bullied, she perseveres while seeking solace in her friendship with a human boy named Logan. Then one day, she is offered a chance to be like the other children, only on a much grander scale. The temptation of power is great, and Sally must choose between her sad but dignified life, and an opportunity to rise above the torment. Will the results be everything that she had hoped for and anticipated? Then there is the matter of her parents' dark and troubled past, and the mysterious villain who may or may not be after young Sally…just waiting for her to embrace her true monster nature, and assume her powerful role by his side.< Less
The Seven Sinister Deadlies & the Seven Vexing Virtues By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $18.95
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A poetic journey through the moral and ethical pathway of a child.
EDENISMS A Collection of Quips, Quotes, & Quizzical Queries, Starring Eden Rain Paolucci: Child Extraordinaire By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: List Price: $23.95 $14.37 | You Save: 40%
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On June 8th 2004, a very unique little girl was born. By the age of two, she was already spouting inspirational quotes and questions that would trigger a combination of laughter, creative ideas, and... More > profound thoughts. Presented here is a record of these musings and anecdotes, documented by the author and father of this sparkling individual.< Less