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Wise Owl's Moving On By Fran Palazzolo
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'Wise Owl's Moving On' follows 'Wise Owl's Moving Up' and is the second part of the second grade reading skills workbooks. It introduces 70 advanced second grade sight words. It also teaches vowel... More > sounds: short, long, R Controlled, W Controlled and other harder vowel sounds such as 'ea' as in 'bread', 'ie' as in 'chief' and sounds of 'y' as a vowel. There are word skills introduced such as homonyms, synonyms and antonyms. The student will also learn how to add common suffixes and prefixes to root words. There are stories to practice all new sight words and reading skills. Stories are always followed by a comprehension check. The Wise Owl workbooks can help to individualize reading instruction in grades K-2. There is a free download of the 'Wise Owl's Placement Test' here at Lulu. The test will help you place the student in the right workbook. You can check out my Author's Spotlight for a complete list of the books available. They go from alphabet recognition all the way to hard second grade reading.< Less
Wise Owl's Moving On By Fran Palazzolo
eBook (PDF): $5.00
'Wise Owl's Moving On' is the 2nd grade, part two workbook in the 'Wise Owl' series. Students will use a vowel chart to review all of the vowel spellings taught at previous levels. They will be... More > introduced to new vowel spellings such as the schwa sound and the dictionary symbol for it. Homonyms, synonyms and antonyms are among the word skills taught at this level. Eighty new second grade and some third grade CORE sight words are presented at the rate of five new words per lesson. There's a story to practice the new sight words and a comprehension check on that story. If you're not sure if this level is right for your students, there's a FREE download of a placement test here at Lulu. It's called, 'Wise Owl's Placement Test'. It'll guide you to the right level. Levels go from K to 2nd.< Less
The Alphabet Throughout the Year By Fran Palazzolo
eBook (PDF): $0.00
There are ABC charts to aid in teaching letter names. The charts are themed for every month of the year, since teaching the alphabet can occur at different times for different grades. For Pre-K and... More > K, the teaching of the alphabet goes on throughout the year. For first graders, the alphabet is reviewed in the fall and when beginning work on alphabetical order. There are also pages for tracing letters of the alphabet and matching capital letters to the small small letters.< Less
Wise Owl's Moving On Extra Practice Stories By Fran Palazzolo
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The stories and activities in this workbook are meant to be used as extra practice in the phonics and sight word development in the main workbook, "Wise Owl's Moving On". For each lesson in... More > the main book, there is a corresponding lesson in this workbook. The extra practice story is sometimes a continuation of the story from the main workbook, but also can be a parallel story. For this reason, it's good to do these lessons right after finishing each lesson in Moving On. For boys and girls who had a little trouble with the story in the main book, the story in this book can be used for an additional guided reading lesson. For students who had no trouble with the lesson in the main book, the story in this book can be for independent seat work. A third option would be to send these stories home for homework. The activity pages that follow each extra practice story always has comprehension questions plus skill practice. The skills will be an offshoot from the skills that were taught in "Wise Owl's Moving On".< Less