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Wise Owl's Reading Workbooks Sampler By Fran Palazzolo
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A sample from five of the Wise Owl Reading Workbooks: 'Wise Owl's Reading Readiness', 'Wise Owl's First Phonics and First 100 Sight Words', 'Wise Owl's Vowels and Sight Words', 'Wise Owl's Moving Up'... More > and 'Wise Owl's Moving On' The five workbooks span reading levels from kindergarten to hard second grade reading. When you're deciding which level is right for any given student or group of students, this publication, together with the 'Wise Owl's Placement Tests', will be a big help. For substitute teachers, there are complete reading lessons to add to your bag of tricks!< Less
The Alphabet Throughout the Year By Fran Palazzolo
eBook (PDF): $0.00
In this booklet, there are ABC charts to aid in teaching letter names. The charts are themed for every month of the year, since teaching the alphabet can occur at different times for different... More > grades. For Pre-K and K, the teaching of the alphabet goes on throughout the year. For first graders, the alphabet is reviewed in the fall and when beginning work on alphabetical order. Beside the charts, there are activities to help the student learn to identify each letter and a page of 'tips' to use multi-sensory techniques to reach children of all learning styles. Activity pages include coloring, tracing letters of the alphabet and matching capital letters to the small letters. At the end of the booklet, there's a letter identification test.< Less
Wise Owl's First Phonics and First 100 Sight Words By Fran Palazzolo
Paperback: $45.95
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'Wise Owl's First Phonics and First 100 Sight Words' teaches beginning sounds, ending sounds, short vowels, consonant digraphs and consonant blends. It also presents 100 of the most basic high... More > frequency words taught in kindergarten and first grade. The words are taught in sets of three per lesson. There are activities and stories to read to reinforce the learning of the words. Students who know their alphabet and are ready for the next step will go from non-readers to reading at an easy first grade level. A multi-sensory approach to learning is stressed in every lesson. Each word has a clue picture to help the student remember it. Tracing and writing of words and sounds are found in every lesson. If you aren't sure this book is the right level for your child, there is 'Wise Owl's Placement Test' at that you can use. The download version is free. There's also an in print version of the test for $12.00. The test will let you know if the student should start with an easier level or a harder one.< Less
Wise Owl's First Phonics and First 100 Sight Words By Fran Palazzolo
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The phonics lessons include beginning sounds, ending sounds, short vowels as beginning sounds and as medial sounds, consonant digraphs and consonant blends. The sight word lessons teach 100 of the... More > most basic of high frequency words. Words are presented at the rate of 3 words per lesson. Each set of 3 words has two stories to practice reading the words in context. Activities for the new vocabulary, such as fill in the blanks and matching, drawing a picture for a word or a sentence are included in all lessons. Emphasis is placed on teaching using a multi-sensory approach. Students should know the alphabet and be able to trace and write words to begin this workbook. If you're not sure if this level is right for your student or students, there is a download of 'Wise Owl's Placement Tests' available for FREE. It will guide you to the right book in which to start.< Less