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Wise Owl's Moving On By Fran Palazzolo
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'Wise Owl's Moving On' follows 'Wise Owl's Moving Up' and is the second part of the second grade reading skills workbooks. It introduces 70 advanced second grade sight words. It also teaches vowel... More > sounds: short, long, R Controlled, W Controlled and other harder vowel sounds such as 'ea' as in 'bread', 'ie' as in 'chief' and sounds of 'y' as a vowel. There are word skills introduced such as homonyms, synonyms and antonyms. The student will also learn how to add common suffixes and prefixes to root words. There are stories to practice all new sight words and reading skills. Stories are always followed by a comprehension check. The Wise Owl workbooks can help to individualize reading instruction in grades K-2. There is a free download of the 'Wise Owl's Placement Test' here at Lulu. The test will help you place the student in the right workbook. You can check out my Author's Spotlight for a complete list of the books available. They go from alphabet recognition all the way to hard second grade reading.< Less
Wise Owl's Moving Up By Fran Palazzolo
Paperback: $29.95
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This easy second grade reading workbook follows 'Wise Owl's Vowels and Sight Words', which is a first grade reading workbook. It reviews the skills from that previous book and adds more vowel sounds,... More > prefixes, suffixes and 50 more sight words. If you're not sure that this is the level for the student or students with whom you'll be working, there is a 'Wise Owl's Placement Test' here at Lulu that can help you pinpoint the right reading workbook. The books range from reading readiness to this second grade reader. I hope to have another second grade workbook, 'Wise Owl's Moving On', by March 2015. That book will continue the lessons in this workbook and add more word skills such as homonyms, synonyms and antonyms. It will also add more advanced sight words. This book contains 16 lessons of 6-7 pages each. There are 3-4 pages per lesson devoted to phonics or word skills and 3 devoted to sight words and story reading. Each story page is followed by a comprehension check.< Less
Wise Owl's Vowels and Sight Words By Fran Palazzolo
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This workbook is great for individualizing reading lessons. It's centered around a vowel chart. The chart depicts 36 vowel spellings. Each vowel spelling has a lesson, from 4 pages to 10. There are... More > also 136 sight words taught, at the rate of 4 words per lesson. Every lesson follows the same format. There are two pages devoted to sounding out words with the vowel sound being presented in that lesson. That is followed by a page or two of activities that involve that vowel sound. Some lessons have reviews of the vowels taught so far and some teach a reading skill, such as contractions. Then, a page with the 4 new sight words comes next. That is followed by a story that contains both the vowel being studied and the four new sight words. The last page is a comprehension check. This workbook follows 'Wise Owl's First Phonics and First 100 Sight Words'. There's a free download of 'Wise Owl's Placement Test' at Lulu if you're not sure the student is ready for this level.< Less
Wise Owl's Placement Tests By Fran Palazzolo
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If you would like to use Wise Owl's Reading Workbooks with a child, but you aren't sure where to start, this placement test will help. It includes three tests: one for students who may be on the... More > readiness level, one for easy 1sr grade reading material and an advanced 1st/2nd grade reading test. If a child only gets as far as the readiness test, the booklet will not go to waste. It can also be used as a post test for each of the three levels. Basically, the readiness level goes with 'Alphatalk Street' and tests knowledge of alphabet and printing. The Easy 1st Grade Reading Test tests skills taught in 'Wise Owl's First Phonics and First 100 Sight Words'. It tests skills usually learned in K or the first half of 1st grade. 'The Advanced Reading Test' tests skills from 'Wise Owl's Vowels and Sight Words'. It tests skills taught in the second half of 1st grade/first half of 2nd grade. After testing, suggestions will be made on which book is best for the child. There's also an in-print version available at Lulu.< Less