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Rocking Your City Things to Do and See When Someone Is Dining Visiting Downtown Austin University Etiquette Hospitality Hosting Dining and Entertainment Connoisseur and Frugal Giving and Living in the Most Expensive Cities in the World By Harold Almon
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Rocking Your City Things to Do and See is published by Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin. It is a business social and cultural etiquette guide to Downtown Austin with dining at its core. Owners,... More > writers, and artists are invited to contribute menus, stories, photos, and ads. Next to launch is the APP for IPad and I phone. Connoisseur Frugal Giving and Living has many idiosyncrasies and plenty of needs which require fulfillment. Downtown Austin can satisfy many of them, whether for hotel hopping, hunting the best happy hour, or casual and fine dining. Here are some preferred activities.< Less
University Business Etiquette Dinner Tonight Professional & Graduate University Etiquette Dining 102 Three Course Dinners Dining is a Dance Look Professional Outclass the Competition By Harold Almon
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University Business Etiquette Dinner Tonight Professional & Graduate University Etiquette Dining 102 provides an excellent opportunity to learn (or brush up on) business table manners: rules of... More > etiquette used for business dining: Two Pre-Steps, Dining Stations and Lines, Name Badge Placement, Handling Cocktail Food, Mock-Tail Introductions, Handshaking, Getting Business Cards, Current USA Menu Number and Order of Courses, Advanced-Formal Place Settings, Flatware Rule of Three & Ten, Napkin Rules, Eating Continental Style, Cutting Meat, Eating a Four Course Meal, Bone-in Chicken Manners, Eating Salad with the Third Fork, Saying Thank You, Rules of Reciprocity, and Other Things to Ponder. This is written because there comes a time to transcend coffee shop habits and dining hall ways. Business Dining is a ritual at which more than eating is done. The way you drink and eat reflects on you and your company. Three course dinners. Dining is a dance. Look Professional. Outclass the competition.< Less
Men's Personal Grooming and Men's Business Etiquette to Know Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Men's Grooming Male Care Matters Things Expected from the Male Half - Things Someone Will Tell a Graduate Student Son By Harold Almon
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Men’s Personal Grooming and Men's Business Etiquette Male Care Matters is a compilation of three comprehensive single subject etiquette guides on male development: things (a male needs) to do,... More > cool rules to know, and things of which to be mindful. It includes some supplements: things someone will tell a graduate student son. “Do not hate the player or the game. Hate (having the talent, and) not knowing the rules.” Manners are things you "know" to do. Etiquette is the set of rules that go with them. “Manners to Etiquette” – Outclass the Competition Manners must be married to etiquette for there to be a good result; what you approve of must be married with the set of rules for the court you are in or for the court at the level to which you wish to ascend. He who has talent and follows the rules best wins.< Less
Harold Almon's Cooking 101 Strategies Etiquette Nutrition and Frugal Stylish Recipes Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Provisioning Food Is Fuel Know Why and How to Fuel Your Body Know Obtain and Eat Foods by Category With Style By Harold Almon
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Welcome to a world where everything is presented to elevate your sense of sophistication, choice of food selection, and in consideration of your wallet. Meal Plan Your My Plate (R). Cooking 101... More > Strategies will allow you to discover fun ways to know obtain and eat foods by category with style. because: 1.The rule has always been, more than, “Saving money while obtaining food can be fun.” The best part is it allows for knowing what is good: what you like and need, obtaining it frugally, serving it stylishly, and maybe sharing it with someone, for very little money. 2. Stylish recipes are a way to say, “Welcome to the neighborhood,” and that, “I would like to share a meal with you, and reciprocity: you to share a meal with me.” Frugal food selection and creative preparation are what is best done for such occasions. You may share food, drink, honor, and atmosphere, and enjoy each as a reason why each person accepted your invitation. It begins with practice.< Less

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