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Switchback Blues By Hadley Hoover
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Shin and PiperRae Roosevelt enjoy the smooth, straight-shot road to happiness, success, and the good life. He’s the co-founder of a reputable mechanical engineering and design firm;... More > she’s earned a fine reputation as an art and mirror restoration expert. Then, everything familiar changes and suddenly smooth and straight-away are distant memories and switchbacks are the new reality. Orange City IA beckons this San Luis Obispo CA couple . . . but will a calmer lifestyle solve the problems of a disrupted marriage?< Less
Off Track (LP) By Hadley Hoover
Paperback: $20.95
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Milford loves Sage Eden. She's one of their own, coming home as CEO of the long-awaited hospital. But the small Utah town isn't sure about Sage's husband, Zeke. He brought trouble with him when he... More > did the unthinkable and involved four of Milford's best kids. When a Minnesota railroad scandal with a missing corpse rips across the Rockies and plummets to earth smack-dab in Utah, where else could tracks lead but to Zeke Eden, the mystery writer also-known-as Kiel Nede? The viewpoint from Milford to Rochester is this: Anyone who created as terrifying a hero as Raven Crowley is smart enough to pull off the murder someone dared to lift from the pages of Kiel Nede's latest book. When the body isn't found where his best-seller said it should be, Zeke realizes what really happened. He wishes Raven weren't just a figment of his imagination. Zeke's life derails while he seeks to reveal what only he and the murderer know: The truth.< Less
Vanishing Point By Hadley Hoover
Paperback: $8.95
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Two men had good reason to despise the same woman. One of them killed her . . . DNA proved it was him; the verdict sent him to prison. “Case closed.” But wait . . . Both men know the... More > wrong man was incarcerated. If the imprisoned man’s objectives are realized, the injustice could be remedied. If the free man’s goal is achieved, it could truly be: “Case closed.”< Less
Ripple Effect By Hadley Hoover
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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Friends old & new always meet at the Crosby ND Threshing Show each July. But rarely are they as unlikely to connect as 3 people whose problems created unending ripples in the pools of their... More > divergent lives. Hélène seeks to fuel a hope for her future, Zeke aches to fill a hole from his past, and Eddie longs to find a home right-here, right-now.< Less