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Penis Health: Exercises to Do with a Partner By John Dugan
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Man’s favorite organ deserves to be kept in good shape, and organ exercises are essential to maintain penis health. Doing them with a partner increases the fun and pleasure for both parties.
Does Finger Length Predict Penis Size? By John Dugan
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It’s no secret that penis size is often a concern for many men. A study suggests that a certain finger length measurement may clue people in on the size of a man’s endowment.
Have Better Sex by Working the Orgasm By John Dugan
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Better sex is a goal that even the most experienced and efficient Don Juans seek out. For many men, some simple steps that concentrate on the orgasm can make a significant difference.
Penis Skin Sensitivities and Proper Care By John Dugan
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As with skin on the rest of the body, a man may have certain sensitivities that impact his penis skin. Learning how to keep the skin healthy is imperative.