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Gothic Gates Venice by R.M.Simone' By Roshandra Simon
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Sometimes Love Begins this Way We all carry a dream within ourselves that holds the promise of a love that makes time stop, written in the stars, and holds us in her bosom of forever. Every girl,... More > young woman, carries that dream and we never speak it. For if we did our dream would not come into being, Devon Gothic Gates Venice by R.M.Simone' Dante is taking Devon to Venice for a romantic three day escape. He is also introducing her to his Goth world with two events there in Renaissance Romantic Style Masquerade. Does DEVON enter this Goth world and what does Venice bring to her? VENEZIA is where this brings her heart to his. FALLING INTO LOVE is what Venice is all about. Learn more of who Dante' really is and how Devon remembers this Love. Venice is filled with roses and romance and most of all this rare Love.< Less
Alchemy, the Gold Ring by R.M.Simone' By Roshandra Simon
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The ALCHEMY series is an Adventure of Twin Soul Mates that are meeting through a pathway of the occult. She is in France doing her research for her 'thesis'. He was sitting there that night in the... More > dark raining evening while she was scurrying across the boulevard to safety from the storm. He watched her deciding if he should aid her. Neither knew that ALCHEMY was the SAME GOLD coin they both had but from different sides. She sparked 'Gold' in her aura. She was his Key and he was the Lock. Together they were tossed into an adventure of Alchemy.< Less
Alchemy, the Gold Ring by R.M.Simone' By Roshandra Simon
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An Adventure Love series of ALCHEMY is about the GOLD that is activated within a person on a path of Enlightenment. The occult pathway was 'his' path to escape his family connections. He was... More > working with Alchemy. She came to Paris to work on research for her PhD thesis on Alchemy as a Pathway of Enlightenment and spiritual growth. This mystery of the old 'Alchemists, Art, Ley Lines, and Secrets guided both of them. The Golden Ring is the first of the series and ALL THAT GLITTERS is not GOLD and all that GLISTENS is the GOLD WITHIN. This Love Story opens a Love story neither expected but that ALCHEMY of their karma brought them together. They both make discoveries from different angles and a romance love story unfolding. Roshandra warmly writing on< Less
Gothic Gates by R.M.Simone' By Roshandra Simon
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Gothic Gates Dante's France Mansion. His business Franchise is 'GOTH'. He Rules his world and the wealthy want INVITES to his Soiree's. Head of the Board Meeting of 12 and he is the master number... More > 13. He is filled with secrecy and plays Chess in the underground world of other private societies in the light dark power global games. His Love he has just found. Will she now enter his World of GOTH and cross the threshold into his Heart? He is 'not a vampire' but an IMMORTAL. Part of a Series Gothic Gates Venice coming soon< Less