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Conversations With George Harrison: End of the Line By Ronald Ritter, Sussan Evermore
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Sitting with Sussan the host and listening to George talk about his life, loves and music became more than what I expected. George has a dry sense of humor, straight forward, tells it how he sees... More > it, funny and understanding of his own short comings. Please join us as we talk to one of most famous and interesting people of our time. Whether you are a Beatle or George Harrison fan isn't important as you will enjoy the book equally. This is not a traditional biography, as all the facts and motions of his life are easily available. This is his understanding of his life from a higher place, his perception and ability to view his life free from judgment.< Less
Conversations With Freddie Mercury By Ronald Ritter, Sussan Evermore
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Meet the real Freddie Mercury, the iconic vocalist of Queen who died in 1991. We make contact through Sussan Evermore (the host) who connects to him via a process called channeling. Channeling is a... More > process that allows Freddie to use the hosts vocabularly to express himself. Freddie discusses his friends, life, loves and sexuality. He speaks honesty about his world of life in the physical world.This is more than a discussion with the real Freddie Mercury, it is an understanding of the process of life and death from someone who has passed through it, enjoy. Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore< Less
The Prince of Marrakech By Ronald Ritter, Sussan Evermore
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The Prince of Marrakech is born into privilege and has the world at his feet, yet he is bored. Riding out into the desert he dresses as a local merchant to disguise his true identity. He comes upon... More > a young shepherd tending his flock and offers to trade. But what does the shepherd have that the Prince would want? The trade is made and the Prince returns to his home in Marrakech. Within a short time, the city becomes a destination for traders from all over the world. Why? Because of what the young shepherd had to trade becomes the catalyst for a great city.< Less
Alice Dixon Le Plongeon My Life In Turtles By Ronald Ritter, Sussan Evermore
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At nineteen, I went to a seance where I was told by a famous clairvoyant that I would meet a man much older than myself, be married within months and travel to an ancient land. 'Poppycock', I thought... More > until the idea began to appeal to me. In 1851, I worked at my father's photography studio in Regent's Park. My parents had introduced me to suitable young men for marriage. I refused each one. I wanted to be a singer at Covent Garden and make my mark in the world. The day I bumped into Augustus Le Plongeon, I knew immediately it was him, the one I was to wed. But nothing prepared me for the extreme conditions of life in the Yucatan with rebels, murder and ravages of disease I almost died on more than one occasion. Augustus had a theory of the origins of man and the ancient land of Atlantis. Years of hard work would eventually see me known throughout the archaeological world alongside my husband. In Victorian times, this was quite a feat and I am proud to be Alice Dixon Le Plongeon.< Less