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Biblical Catholic Eucharistic Theology By Dave Armstrong
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Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong has compiled his writing on the Eucharist & the Sacrifice of the Mass into a Scripture-packed 23 chapters and 222 pages. Among the topics covered are: 1) the... More > special presence of God in physical objects in the OT, 2) comparison of the indwelling & the Real Presence, 3) doubting disciples in the eucharistic discourse of John 6, 4) exclusion of non-Catholics from Catholic communion, 5) St. Augustine's & John Calvin's views, 6) the Church fathers on the Sacrifice of the Mass, 7) St. Paul's "priestly" references, 8) biblical, analogical arguments for the Sacrifice of the Mass, 9) the Protestant "idolatry" accusation, and 10) biblical evidence for wholehearted formal, liturgical worship. The facts of Church history are also examined in depth, with much corroboration from Protestant scholarly sources. Armstrong's explanations help to make Catholic teachings on the Holy Eucharist & the Mass understandable, plausible, & easily harmonized with the teaching of the Bible.< Less
The Quotable Summa Theologica By Dave Armstrong
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St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) was without question the greatest theologian in the history of the Catholic Church, and the "Summa Theologica" (1271-1274) was his masterpiece and one of the... More > most influential theological books ever written. The goal herein is to make the thought and reasoning of this marvelous compendium of the Angelic Doctor more accessible and able to be referenced quickly. My overwhelming emphasis in collecting excerpts will be on theology itself; with far less on the topics of spirituality, ethics, and other areas. Sometimes even those of us who love Aquinas, have neither the time nor desire to read through the reasoning chain that he uses in the 3,500-page "Summa" to come to his conclusions. St. Thomas’ style in the Summa is a wonderful method and fabulous teaching device, but perhaps there are a lot of people like me who would also like to see concise, easily obtainable “answers” from Aquinas. I hope you, the reader, will benefit from my true labor of love.< Less
"The Catholic Mary": Quite Contrary to the Bible? By Dave Armstrong
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The theology and beliefs concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus, have long been a contentious issue between Catholics and Protestants. The latter often maintain that "the... More > Catholic Mary" is a corruption of the true biblical Mary: the humble and lowly handmaiden. Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong shows how the "Catholic" and the "biblical" Mary are indeed one and the same. Tackling controversial topics such as Mary's Immaculate Conception, Assumption, and perpetual virginity, asking Mary to intercede, the Rosary, the flowery and seemingly excessive devotional language of the saints, and Mary as a distributor of God's grace and salvation (just as St. Paul and indeed all of us are intended to be), Armstrong provides biblical and rational support for all Catholic Marian beliefs and practices: making them accessible, understandable, and able to be espoused by all who accept the inspiration of the Bible.< Less
Victorian King James Version of the New Testament: A “Selection” for Lovers of Elizabethan and Victorian Literature By Dave Armstrong
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Many revisions of the King James (Authorized) Bible of 1611 exist; even revisions of revisions have been done (ASV to NASB / RV to RSV / KJV to NKJV, etc.). The present work is a similar... More > “hybrid”. I don't know Greek, and am therefore not qualified in the slightest to actually translate (and did not translate a single word). But I know English (as a professional author) and know the Bible (as a longtime Christian apologist) very well. This work, accordingly, isn't technically a new translation at all, but rather a “selection” or collection of what I personally felt were the best renderings that maintained the KJV style as much as possible without the archaisms. When I updated the olde English language, I sought to maintain a "high" Victorian 18th-19th century style of (British) English. This NT "selects" from the following six translations (all in the public domain): 1) KJV (1611; rev. 1769), 2) Rheims (1582; rev. 1750), 3) Young's Literal (1887), 4) Weymouth (1903), 5) 20th Century (1904), 6) Moffatt (1922).< Less