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The Mysterious Death of Pope Julius IV By Anne-Marie Moscatelli
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Sebastiano Pescatore grew up as a poor but happy child in Southern Italy. Thanks to his beautiful voice, he is mentored by the local priest who will help him join the seminary. Sebastian is not... More > really attracted to the religion but he likes the fast of the Church. As he gets ill, he is nursed by a woman he falls in love with. Will he renounce his budding vocation? In fact, Sebastian is on the fast track to become a priest, a bishop, a cardinal and a pope. Sebastiano questions his aptitude but in his naive way, he trusts that all what his happening to him is part of God's design… Yet, many difficulties await him as well as a devastating discovery about his past…< Less
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The Gatsby Enigma By Anne-Marie Moscatelli
Paperback: $9.99
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The debacle of The Great Gatsby’s ending carries a sense of incompleteness. This is because Gatsby’s death seems almost artificial. Why did Fitzgerald destroy his formidable character... More > at the end? Was it to signify that dreams only belong to the rich and influential people? What happened to the magician, who vanished at the turn of one’s head and had the power to change rules at the snap of his fingers? This sequel with flashbacks from the original novel pays close attention to those charged signs, which provide a reliable evidence for the bold hypothesis that Gatsby was not the victim of the pool shooting. Based on logical deductions extrapolated from Fitzgerald’s text, this interpretation attempts at shedding light into some of the unexplained facts pervading the original. Purists may consider this work a defacing of Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, but The Great Gatsby is so unique and ethereal a creation… why not pursue the dream?< Less

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