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Duel of Assassins By Dan Pollock
Paperback: $20.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Cossack and the Cowboy: Two highly trained killers... ex-comrades turned sworn enemies... the hunter and the hunted... on a collision course with each other and with history. Once Taras Arensky... More > and Marcus Jolly had been the best of friends. Now they are to meet again on the moonlit cliffs of Yalta, at the Soviet President's summer retreat. It is the opening move of a duel that will be fought across Europe, enmeshing a beautiful woman and climaxing at an international summit in Potsdam. Duel of Assassins captures a world of shifting loyalties and boundaries, and two unforgettable modern-day warriors who live or die by their own code of honor. "A greyhound of a thriller," in the words of best-selling mystery writer T. Jefferson Parker, "fast, sleek and graceful."< Less
The Years of Edward By Dan Pollock
Paperback: $3.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
I wrote a rhyming ballad for every one of my son's birthdays, from one through eighteen. And here they are collected in one slim booklet for a fond look back. --Dan Pollock
Ringland By Dan Pollock
Paperback: $19.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ringland, a new sword-and-sorcery theme park in Upper Bavaria, erupts into real-life terror. Computerized special effects—animatronic dragons and a fantasy castle with parapets aflame—are... More > hijacked by a terrorist mastermind, who then programs his own deadly pyrotechnics. Meanwhile, as the world looks on through media eyes, contending factions of eco-warriors and neo-Nazi motorcycle gangs lay siege to the park, further escalating what is already a PR disaster. Finally, with thousands of tourists already en route for Ringland’s official opening day, the mysterious terrorist threatens mass casualties unless his diabolical demands are met. Outmaneuvered at every step, frustrated security forces enlist a visiting FBI agent to help them find and foil the evil genius at the epicenter of the apocalyptic violence.< Less
Countdown to Casablanca By Dan Pollock
Paperback: $22.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A ruthless Axis agent code-named Sirocco and an American linguist turned amateur spy find themselves on a collision course with destiny in romantic and exotic World War II Casablanca. Roosevelt and... More > Churchill are coming to Casablanca. So are Eisenhower and Patton, Montgomery and DeGaulle. For ten days, the entire Allied High Command will be gathered in one place—to plan the invasion of Fortress Europe. Learning of the secret conference through an Abwehr intercept, Hitler launches an audacious counterstrike — with one demonic blow he will take out the assembled Allied chieftains and turn the tide of war back in favor of the Reich.< Less

The Running Boy The Running Boy By Dan Pollock Paperback:
Orinoco Orinoco By Dan Pollock Paperback:

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