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Brewing Beers, Ciders & Wines By Brendan Zottl
Paperback: $9.99
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"Brewing beers, ciders & wines" contains insightful information on a wide variety of subject matter dealing with the complicated topics of brewing and fermenting. The book delves into... More > everything that novices need to know to brew right the first time. Subjects include a history of ales, ciders, and wines, a primer on fermentation and how it works, how to achieve the best results, and the steps to take. Also examined are the equipment that is needed, first and secondary fermentation methods and steps achieving success, kegging, bottling, aging, and developing the best beers, ciders, and wines, how to develop an appreciation for alcohol, connoisseurship, and becoming an expert in the field...< Less
Organic Gardening & Sustainable Family Farming By Brendan Zottl
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Organic Gardening & Sustainable Family Farming focuses on the topics of getting back to basics, growing one's own food, holistic management, conventional verses organic gardening, collecting... More > rainwater, atmospheric water generation, water conservation and storage, crop irrigation methodology, farming lifecycles, using greenhouses and hydroponics, organic composting, raising chickens and other small livestock, successful herb and vegetable rotation, maximizing outputs in a sustainable manner, and much more.< Less
Living off the Grid By Brendan Zottl
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Living off the Grid examines a wide variety of issues involved with moving towards and maintaining an off-grid lifestyle. Information about moving off grid contained within includes a wide range of... More > subject chapters including, among many others: 1 Steps to Off-Grid Success 2 Personal Privacy 3 Communication Methods & Techniques 4 Water Collection & Storage 5 Sustainable Organic Farming 6 Proper Crop Irrigation Methods 7 Growing Fruits, Herbs & Vegetables 8 Raising Chicken, Goats & Rabbits 9 Canine Protection 10 Tilapia Fish Production 11 Raising Bees for Honey & Wax 12 Baking Bread & Healthy Desserts 13 Making Wine from Fresh Fruit 14 Preserving Food 15 Renewable Energy Production 16 Heating & Cooling Methods 17 Internet Communication & Entertainment 18 Making Bio-Diesel 19 Personal and Family Protection 20 Community Formation 21 Structured Savings 22 Bartering For Supplies< Less
eBook (PDF): $15.00
The second edition of this book offers updates analyzing the complexities of establishing an international banking presence removing the veil of secrecy presiding over escaping high taxation... More > countries and the involvement of respectable business practices in the grey markets serving tax avoidance and money laundering advocates. The book goes into detailed discussion of a wide range of subjects including, among many others: (1) The Current State of Privacy & Taxation (2) A History of Money Laundering (3) Preferred International Financial Havens (4) Implementing an Offshore Banking Presence (5) International Investment Vehicles (6) Establishing an Offshore Corporation (7) Multi-Layered Partnerships (8) International Tax Reduction Techniques (9) Clandestine Communications (10) Digital Cash Transactions (11) Transferring the Corporate Tax Base (12) Expatriation (13) International Tax Structures (14) Offshore Cultural Attractions (15) The Future of Offshore Banking< Less

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