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Muslim history of the Region of Murcia (715-1080). Volume I By Govert Westerveld
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This work is the result of studies led by me during my long stay in Blanca (Murcia, Spain). The darkness and oblivion opposed my purpose, of a nation that almost for eight centuries dominated in... More > Spain and where the political history of the Spanish Arabs (Muslims) in Murcia remained in the deepest darkness until recently. I do not deny the glory of Dozy and the immense service he has done with its publications to Spain, but we cannot ignore that today we have Arabists in Muria and Spain who follow the footsteps of the wise Dutch and have improved on him a lot. Murcia belonged to Al-Andalus and throughout the period of Islamic rule, Al-Andalus was a remarkable example and outstanding model of tolerance. All Jews and Christians were allowed to maintain their beliefs and live their lives as they desired as long as they respected their Muslim rulers. The Muslims played a principal role in the history of Spain. Their presence illuminated the Iberian Peninsula while the rest of Europe was engulfed in darkness.< Less
Historia de Granja de Rocamora: La Expulsión en 1609-1614 By Govert Westerveld
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En el siglo pasado, la obra que más información nos dio sobre el Valle de Ricote fue la obra del francés Henry Lapeyre. Muchos son los autores que han escrito en España... More > sobre la expulsión de los moriscos, pero casi todos los trabajos son obras generales sin profundizar en un pasado genealógico y al parecer ningún historiador había estado interesado en publicarlo. Nuestra obra del año 2001 supuso un gran cambio en este sentido y así descubrimos que varios mudéjares de Blanca vinieron a Granja de Rocamora entre los años 1609-1614. Recuperar la historia de Granja de Rocamora ayuda a comprender mejor su realidad presente y a afrontar con mayores garantías el futuro. Adentrarse en su pasado para conocer sus orígenes es algo, por otra parte, que se debe a las generaciones futuras. Ojalá esta pequeña obra sirva de estímulo y motivación para seguir investigando el pasado histórico de Granja de Rocamora.< Less
Researches on the mysterious Aragonese author of La Celestina By Govert Westerveld
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Thousands of articles and books have been written about La Celestina and scholars still do not know who was the mysterious Aragonese author of this book. The literature continues saying that... More > Fernando de Rojas is the author of a large part of La Celestina. The scholars have spent many years in research and obtained excellent dissertations and articles. However, La Celestina continues to be a mystery and one cannot escape the impression that scholars continue working in a vicious circle. Fortunately we have great researchers such as Jordi Bilbeny who stated that el Lazarillo was written by Juan de Timoneda and that the author of La Celestina came from Valencia. On the other hand Manuel Civera argues that the story recounted in La Celestina took place in Sagunto. This book documents my research of the last four years of this personage’s life and gives sufficient information to initiate the identification of the unknown mysterious Aragonese author of La Celestina.< Less
The life of Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi between 1504 and 1534 By Govert Westerveld
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Very little is known of the circumstances of the life of Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi. Most authors do not see any difficulty and claim that our calligrapher was a native of Vicenza but moved... More > to Rome around 1508. Others state that he was born to a poor family in a world where good positions required much money to purchase the position in the papal chancery. Many questions remain unanswered and that is the reason that the literature about him up to now is full of speculations. Arrighi was not an ordinary person, because he came from noble origin and enjoyed in his youth an excellent education. He was a man of the world who used to travel at an early age. His ability to go unnoticed, when the circumstances deem it to be necessary, makes of him an interesting character, because just like a chameleon he is able to adapt to new scenarios. This book gives sufficient information to follow the life of Arrighi after 1527.< Less

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