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The Reef By Edith Wharton
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Originally published in 1912, The Reef presents a simple enough plot on the surface – essentially a love triangle informed by past events – but complicated and made ambiguous by being... More > told from four different points of view. The triangle is composed of Anna Leath, who's betrothed to George Darrow and who in turn is confused by a past relationship with Sophie Viner who is also the governess of Anna's daughter. This isn't a plot that might be termed unconventional, but Wharton's way of dealing with it is. By using four different points of view, thankfully well segmented, she is able to reveal or not reveal information to the reader which creates the intended ambiguity. The sense of having multiple third person narrators, applied with a broadly omnipotent brush, means that the plot can never be wholly resolved and this is continued right to the final sentence.< Less
The Marne By Edith Wharton
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Originally published in 1918, The Marne is a short Novella that tells of the experiences of Troy Belknap during the battles that were fought to defend the line of the Marne River. The piece is not... More > considered one of Wharton's major works and given that it came out towards the end of the First World War, its intention, to inspire the actions of American soldiers fighting in France, was certainly mis-timed if not misplaced. Which is not to say that, as with any Wharton book, it isn't readable.< Less
The Greater Inclination By Edith Wharton
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Originally published in 1899, The Greater Inclination was Wharton's first collection and comprised seven short stories and a play in two parts. Most of the pieces had been previously published in... More > magazines, with one, The Portrait, composed specifically for the book to replace another that Wharton thought was too over-wrought. Of those pieces included, two of them stand out; the new composition is one and the other is The Muse's Tragedy. In the latter, Wharton contrives to make a comparison between a fictional muse as she appears to an aspiring writer and critic from works she inspired, and subsequently in real life when they meet by chance in Venice, spending a month together. The writer thinks he has stumbled upon a career-defining opportunity when they promise to meet up again in six weeks, but then he receives her letter and is brought back to earth.< Less
The House of Mirth By Edith Wharton
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Originally published in 1905, The House of Mirth was Wharton's first major novel and arguably her best. It recounts the downward course of the socially aspirant Lilly Bart who is seemingly superior... More > in intellect and beauty than any of her peers and yet is critically constrained financially. Her only sensible recourse, marriage into money, is denied her while the alternative, marriage for love and companionship, she rejects to her cost. On the surface, the novel is an examination of mannerisms in contemporary American society. Lilly Bart is the finest example of all that is required within her social set and while she has the funds – or can secure the funds – necessary to maintain her standing, her peers accept her presence. Yet when she falls financially, not even her looks and abilities are sufficient to keep her from poverty.< Less

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