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Dangerous Curves By Jan Carol
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Marida lives a life of luxury, yet is always busy with volunteer work. Once more, her father receives a threatening note, and once again, Marida is sent down to Pebble Beach to live in the house her... More > father -- the Senator -- owns, but she'll be under body guards and not left alone for anything. She can't take this any more, she's not a child! Sneaking away from the 2 body guards, she finds herself in danger, but nothing can help her. She is stuck in a shack away from the Monterey area, gaurded by a "killer" dog....< Less
The Love Within By Jan Carol
eBook (PDF): $7.99
"I think, Mr. Estep, that you know how good looking you are, and that you could have just about any woman you wanted." Keri had turned around, starting to strip his bed of the covers.... More > "I also think, Mr. Estep, that you are the kind, if you were a sailor, that would have a girl in every port." She was pulling hard on the bottom sheet now, rather than going around to the other side to take it off the last corner. "I think, too, I should want you to go downstairs while I'm doing your room." As the sheet gave at her pulls, she stumbled back a couple of steps, right into his arms. He had seen what was going to happen, slipping behind her when she wasn't paying attention to his whereabouts. "Personally, Miss Stewart, I think you think too much." Kyle held her, whispering in her ear, though she struggled to get away from him. "Would you please let me go." Her words were just above a whisper. "Don't you want me..."< Less
Summer Incognito By Jan Carol
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Selina is hiding out from her father, who wants to control her life...deciding who she marries. Going to the Los Angeles area, she finds a job on a yacht as a crew member. Derek, who owns the yacht,... More > finds that Selina is a great dance partner. He talks her into being his guest, since his companion decided she wouldn't join him on the cruise. At first Selina says no, but is told that her job is no longer available as he has hired too many women to take care of his guests...< Less
Highway to Happiness By Jan Carol
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Carolyn is confused about marrying Derek. She works for him at the insurance company he runs. When he suggests they take 2 weeks in Colorado together, she digs her heels in and tells him that... More > wouldn’t happen. Being together in a romantic situation wouldn’t be good for her convictions. Derek tells Carolyn to take a week off and go visit her parents for Christmas. On her way to her parents, she makes up her mind that she will break the engagement with Derek when she returns to St. Louis. Then she encounters an accident on the icy road...< Less

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