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Ai - Chapter 1 By Earl Veneris
eBook (ePub): $2.00
AI (Chapter 1) Ai was the beauty of nature. It was time for her to arise. Shou was the best samurai in town. He was ordered to fight the rebel and conquer the north-ease. Naoko was a daughter of... More > merchant in town. She has fallen in love with Shou and believed that they would engage as soon as he returned from the war. “AI” pronounced in Japanese. It meant “Love”. As this novel is based on old time in Japanese history, Earl Veneris does not specific or mention history time nor year in the writing. Earl remains humble unique Japanese culture, environment, and clothing for all characters in old time. Reader will not need to worry about the history. Ai is the name of female character who resembled beauty of nature who loved human and how human repaid for the love of beauty of nature< Less
I Lost Her - Final Chapter By Earl Veneris
eBook (ePub): $2.00
I Lost Her – Final Chapter Madeline would exchange her all confidential information over her nephews? Paul’s sacrifice would be a waste. Ana thought. I Lost Her! Luke screamed quietly in... More > his heart. If she and I could leave this compound alive, I would ask her to leave this killing job. But they left her behind when they came to rescue us. She needed to complete this mission herself they said. It was shocking news to me! Doctor said she could not endure severe injuries. They told me to see your dead body one last time. I loved you, Ana! I would not have a chance to tell her.< Less
I Lost Her - Chapter 14-15 By Earl Veneris
eBook (ePub): $2.00
I Lost Her – Chapter 14 & 15 Finally, I met her again. I felt my heart swelled tenderly when I held her in my arms. She decided to follow me to Seattle. It was like a dream. She came with... More > me because she wanted to know about us? About our relationship… “But I didn’t want to risk your life because of me… because of my job.” She told me. Scandal of Luke’s parents in the past was reveal. How they cope with the truth? It was unexpected to meet him tonight… Accordingly to report given by Madeline, Red Mask happened to know Luke who found me injured in Seattle. There might be a possibility that Red Mask tracked him for USB. So destroying Red Mask would be a priority to ensure Luke’s safety. This fiction is to post to all reader by chapter weekly. Reader is welcomed to visit to check for the updates of new chapters.< Less
I Lost Her - Chapter 12 - 13 By Earl Veneris
eBook (ePub): $2.00
How couldn’t she remember us? How couldn’t she remember me? Annalise Cooper recalled her identity after she has recovered from bad injury in the ward. She was being rescued from... More > Salty’s and back to The House where she was supposed to be back. Ana, I miss you so much. He said and wrapped me to his warm embrace. Who was he? The man who visited me. How could I meet him again? The House planned to destroy Red Mask by using her as the bait. While Annalise tried to discover her partial memory lost, Luke Pearce volunteered himself to be the one who told her what has happened between us. This fiction is to post to all reader by chapter weekly. Reader is welcomed to visit to check for the updates of new chapters.< Less

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