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The Biblical Basis of the American Federal Constitution By Publius Marcus
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The Constitution of the United States was developed by our Framers in order to improve the stature of this new nation of America. The precepts and concepts of this book is the culmination of Jesus... More > Christ that our Framers knew existed then as well as in today's world. Dan Gilbert wrote a similar book in 1936 but he did not utilize the wealth of Scripture that we can find in this Constitution. Through careful research via the Scriptures and our Constitution, it led me to write this book so the world will see and know that the only way this nation will survive in these contemptuous times is a Faith in Jesus Christ as our Framers did. There are a plethora of Scriptures in our Constitution and I pray that this virtue will be made known to all that read.< Less
The Coming of an Era By Publius Marcus
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It is a book relating to a story about a man, a lonely man, who sought solace and hermitage via many mediums. He lived his life in an atmosphere of constant crisis. He knew no other way. It was... More > his only way. This is his story. It just so happens that it could be a story that describes a lot of lives. This story is dedicated to those who can relate to its content and it is dedicated to those individuals, men and women, who need the space to feel and to heal. This is a story of a man who attempted to take his own life upon occasions but discovered renewed strength to face his anger and his rage another way. He was 44 years alive when he discovered a simple decision for a simple program offered by two people in his life that have become his closest friends. Friendship came hard for this man because friendship, required trust. It is hard being up front with people when one’s whole life has been one covert operation.< Less
I WILL DESTROY the WISDOM of the WISE By Publius Marcus
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For many years I have stated and written at my web sites and stated on many radio shows, that your basic Satanic liberal will use any and all means to change meanings of words because their usual and... More > meaningless selves fail all the time. I do personally believe that Satan and its demons either possess many liberals or they have run amok of their own feelings and have become seriously satanically oppressed of Satan and its demon thugs. They rewrite anything to suit their own Satanic influenced selves into meaning what they think “it” means. And that brings us to this…the rewriting of the Holy Scriptures. And, these pathetic liberals that know not much of anything, will always accuse others of what they themselves have done in a vain attempt of making themselves look better at whatever it is that they do. As you read this book always have the Scriptures open before you and pray before you read one jot and one tittle.< Less
The Whole Armour of God By Publius Marcus
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There are at times aspects of the Christian life that are blurred from real life. The Armour of God is a never ending challenge to every and all Christians. When we believe the lies of Satan, our... More > Christian life can and will be mesmerized into a catastrophic event and the Christian can and will be defeated by Satan. This is what Satan wants and his attacks on all Christians that truly walk the walk will be endless. Do not fall for Satan's lies whether they come from your pastors or church leaders or even your friends - even your spouses. Walk the Good Life and worship God and the only way is to don the whole armour of God.< Less

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