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Etica Big Data In Cercetare By Nicolae Sfetcu
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Principalele probleme cu care se confruntă oamenii de știință în lucrul cu seturile mari de date (Big Data), evidențiind principale aspecte etice, luând în... More > considerare inclusiv legislația din Uniunea Europeană. După o scurtă Introducere despre Big Data, secțiunea Tehnologia prezintă aplicațiile specifice în cercetare. Urmează o abordare a principalelor probleme filosofice specifice în Aspecte filosofice, și Aspecte legale cu evidențierea problemelor etice specifice din Regulamentul UE privind protecția datelor 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, "GDPR"). Secțiunea Probleme etice detaliază aspectele specifice generate de Big Data. După o scurtă secțiune Cercetarea Big Data, finalizez lucrarea cu prezentarea Concluziilor pentru etica cercetării în lucrul cu Big Data. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27629.33761< Less
Philosophy of Blockchain Technology - Ontologies By Nicolae Sfetcu
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About the necessity and usefulness of developing a philosophy specific to the blockchain technology, emphasizing on the ontological aspects. After an Introduction that highlights the main... More > philosophical directions for this emerging technology, in Blockchain Technology I explain the way the blockchain works, discussing ontological development directions of this technology in Designing and Modeling. The next section is dedicated to the main application of blockchain technology, Bitcoin, with the social implications of this cryptocurrency. There follows a section of Philosophy in which I identify the blockchain technology with the concept of heterotopia developed by Michel Foucault and I interpret it in the light of the notational technology developed by Nelson Goodman as a notational system. In the Ontology section, I present two developmental paths that I consider important: Narrative Ontology, based on the idea of order and structure of history transmitted through Paul Ricoeur's narrative history< Less
Solaris, Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky - Psychological and Philosophical Aspects By Nicolae Sfetcu
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About the main psychological and philosophical aspects detached from the film Solaris directed by Andrei Tarkovski, as well as the cinema techniques used by the director to convey his messages to the... More > spectator. In the "Introduction" I briefly present the relevant elements of Tarkovski's biography and an overview of Stanislav Lem's Solaris novel and the film Solaris directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. In "Cinema Technique" I talk about the specific rhythm of the scenes, the radical movement triggered by Tarkovsky in modern cinema, the role of symbolic and iconic elements, and affinities with the fantastic area of Russian literature. In Psychological Aspects I analyze the issue of communication in a human society of the future considered by Tarkovsky as rigid, the obsession of the house, and the personal evolution of Kris, Hari, and the relationships between them. In Philosophical Aspects, the film is analyzed through the philosophy of the mind< Less
Epistemology of Intelligence Agencies By Nicolae Sfetcu
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About the analogy between the epistemological and methodological aspects of the activity of intelligence agencies and some scientific disciplines, advocating for a more scientific approach to the... More > process of collecting and analyzing information within the intelligence cycle. I assert that the theoretical, ontological and epistemological aspects of the activity of many intelligence agencies are underestimated, leading to incomplete understanding of current phenomena and confusion in inter-institutional collaboration. After a brief Introduction, which includes a history of the evolution of the intelligence concept after World War II, Intelligence Activity defines the objectives and organization of intelligence agencies, the core model of these organizations (the intelligence cycle), and the relevant aspects of the intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis. In the Ontology section, I highlight the ontological aspects and the entities that threaten and are threatened.< Less

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