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Calculus the way to do it By Rosaline O'Toole
eBook (PDF): $2.70
Calculus...the way to do it (140 pages) is a study of the calculus from basics up to GCE Advanced Level (years 12, 13 and 14). Section 1 is appropriate for students of GCSE Additional Mathematics... More > (year 12) and GCE Advanced Subsidiary Level (year 13). Section 2 is appropriate for GCE Advanced Level (year 14). It contains clearly explained teaching text, worked examples (in graduated order of difficulty), followed by exercises (with fully worked answers).< Less
Mathematics: GCSE Additional_Further Unit 2 from Summer 2014_Paper 2: Statistics and Probability By Rosaline O'Toole
eBook (PDF): $2.70
This book (36 pages) contains the level of Statistics and Probability required for GCSE Additional Mathematics Paper 2_Further Unit 2_from summer 2014. (years 11/12) and GCE Advanced Subsidiary... More > Statistics 1 (year 13). It contains a wealth of worked examples, including past paper questions from CCEA and Edexcel examining boards.< Less
English Language '...the way to do it' By Rosaline O'Toole
eBook (PDF): $2.70
English Language ...the way to do it (60 Pages) Teaching Text; Grammar; Parts of Speech; Punctuation. Practice Tests (including answers.
MATHEMATICS: GCSE: Algebra By Rosaline O'Toole
eBook (PDF): $2.70
MATHEMATICS: GCSE: Algebra (150 pages) provides an in-depth study of algebra including factorization, simplifying, solution of equations/inequations, simultaneous equations, polynomials, graphs of... More > functions and use of graphs in solving problems. The content material is appropriate for study from GCSE upwards. It contains good, clearly explained teaching text, worked examples and exercises accompanied by worked answers.< Less

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