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Making a Chain Chasing Tool By Charles Lewton-Brain
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This paper explains how to make a chain tool, a class of chasing tool which lets you make organized, regular rows of round dents for borders, frames, bands and decorative repeated marks. Different... More > shapes are possible, and the registration bumps on the tool let you automatically extend a decorative line or row, otherwise very hard to do with chasing tools. More complex patterns can be placed between the registration bumps allowing complicated rows of marks. The same idea can make rope-like lines of marks. Tool steels, sources and hardening and tempering are addressed. Chain tool information is not available elsewhere. Includes 30 black and white step-by step photos.< Less
Diderot on Chasing Tools and Workshop By Charles Lewton-Brain
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This is a reproduction of Diderot's famous French Encyclopaedia from 1751. There are three pages, a title page, a descriptive key page to the images and a page that has an engraving of a chasing and... More > damascening workshop along with a plate showing chasing tools and chisels as well as some typical workshop tools. After the reproduction comes a new section: the translation of the workplace descriptions and the tool key into English, with the proper English chasing terms used for the tools. A variety of tools are named.< Less
Shareware Book (original 1996 version) By Charles Lewton-Brain
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This wide-ranging, truly eclectic paper is chock full of suppliers, sources, technical information, patinas, stonesetting tips, bench tools, book reviews, gemology information and thoughts about... More > metalsmithing. This book derived from a large handout for Lewton-Brain's workshops between 1984 and 1996, at which time it formed the core of Lewton-Brain's information published at the Ganoksin Project(, which is what got the website going at the beginning. 176 pages. Lots of diagrams. This is the original unchanged, classic 1996 version. It is all that content in one document. Some of the addresses are dated, but all told this is a ton of information. ISBN 0-9698510-1-4< Less
The Polishing Report By Charles Lewton-Brain
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This Paper proposes a system for polishing jewelry successfully. It was a cooperative project with Allcraft Tools in New York City. It is about a core Polishing Set of tools, the basic buffs and more... More > for a working jeweler. The stages of polishing are broken into four major steps: large cutting, small cutting, large bright coloring and small bright coloring. Full of tips and tricks the Polishing Report tells you how to polish, remove fire scale, create sharp inside right angles and avoid overpolishing. Sections include holding items, cleaning polishing compound, alternative polishing wheels and more. 31 pages, A number of color pictures.< Less