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Boatbuilding in the Back Yard (Full Color Edition) By Tom Schmidt
Paperback: $152.00
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The Journal of the Molly B is my personal diary of the building of my dream. The building of a boat is a simple idea but in practice is more like a labor of love, which exceeds all expectations. The... More > task is at times an overwhelming undertaking, which is reminiscent of the insignificance one feels in the middle of that vast and seemingly endless expanse of water, called an ocean, you feel so small and so alone. You at times feel as though it’s an impossible task. Without the knowledge or experience, to solve the many problems that arise as you proceed along your course toward the completion of your vessel, you are constantly reminded of your shortcomings. I can assure you, it is not an impossible task! It took me 12 years but the Molly B is finally in the water and fulfilling our dream of living on the water. It's well worth the time and effort but you'll never finish it if you don't get started, you just have to take that first step and go for it.< Less
Boatbuilding in the Back Yard By Tom Schmidt
Paperback: $44.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is my personal journal of my boatbuilding project. I hope it will be useful to anyone considering undertaking such a task. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination when it comes... More > to building a boat. I’m strictly an amateur builder with very little experience. I've built a couple small boats when I was younger. I helped my dad and brother build a little runabout and I built a johnboat in my living room one time, but other than that, I have only done routine carpenter and cabinet type work building houses. I do not possess any special skills or education, which makes this task easy for me. I learned a lot about boats in the service where I was a vessel master for the US Army. I got my masters certificate, which qualified me to operate unlimited tonnage open ocean vessels for the military. These are the sum total of my qualifications to try to build a boat. I’m not saying it isn’t a formidable task no matter your qualifications, just that if I can do it, anyone can.< Less
The Building of a Dream - Journal of the Molly B - Vol. II By Tom Schmidt
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Volume II of my journal gets into the more complicated aspects of boat building.The construction of the boat itself is not really the hard part, but the design and installation of all the different... More > systems that go into the boat is the real challange.< Less
The Building of a Dream -- Journal of the Molly B By Tom Schmidt
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Anyone who wants a cruising yacht -- can have one! Just build it yourself. You can do it, there is a multitude of help out there. All you really need is the perseverance to complete the project.... More > Volume I of "The Building of a Dream" covers building a model, site preparation , hull construction, and building your own marine engines. 396 photographs in 152 pages illustrate every step of the process accompanied by a detailed explanation of how I did it.< Less

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