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Domenico Scarlatti: Twelve Sonatas from the Essercizi Fingered With Baroque Technique By Claudio Di Veroli
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This is an edition of Domenico Scarlatti's 12 sonatas from the "Essercizi" (1738), fully fingered following the principles expounded in the eBook "Baroque Keyboard Fingerings: A... More > Method" [also available from Lulu]. These fingerings have been used through the author's experience of more than 30 years performing D. Scarlatti's keyboard works in public recitals. A 10-page instroductory text provides explanations about the Original Edition, Ornaments and Other Signs, the Instrument, the Editorial Process, Articulation and Rhythms, Registration and the Fingering Principles and Notation used in this edition. This eBook is formatted for both easy printing and reading from any personal computer. Find more details and excerpts in< Less
Unequal Temperaments: Theory, History and Practice By Claudio Di Veroli
eBook (PDF): $21.05
(2 Ratings)
Theory, History and Practice of scales, temperament, tuning and intonation for all musical instruments and voices: 499 pages and 366 figures, incorporating decades of research and findings. PART ONE... More > provides the acoustical background. Each one of the main temperaments is then covered, with a thorough analysis of its musical features. Finally, a full HISTORICAL SURVEY guides the musician in the selection of temperament(s) for his/her repertoire. PART TWO consists of tuning, fretting and intonation directions for the different temperaments, on keyboards, fretted and unfretted strings, voices, woodwinds and brass wind instruments, including variable intonation. PART THREE covers multiple divisions and the analysis of historical sources, including recent research results. See published reviews and excerpts in 4th revised and expanded edition, Aug. 2017.< Less
Playing Baroque Music on the Piano By Claudio Di Veroli
eBook (PDF): $9.71
(1 Ratings)
Even though the harpsichord is the ideal instrument for an authentic interpretation of its repertoire, playing Baroque keyboard music is also an important part and parcel of the culture and art of... More > the modern pianist. This book consists of an integrated collection of essays on Baroque interpretation, some of them endorsed by leading performers, and adapted here for the modern pianist, whether amateur, advanced student or professional player. A complete history of stringed keyboard instruments is included, followed by thorough guidance about Baroque interpretation: ornamentation, articulation, tempi, dynamics, rhytmical alteration and French dances. Several colour figures are included, as well as musical examples from well-known Baroque works. Find more details in< Less
Baroque Keyboard Fingerings: A Method By Claudio Di Veroli
eBook (PDF): $11.07
(1 Ratings)
An old-fingering method for students and performers of Baroque keyboards. After its first version of 1983, enhanced editions received very favourable comments, including an endorsement by Igor... More > Kipnis. This 7th revised edition, based on decades of studies and performance, is as always the most comprehensive work in the field, with 176 fingered passages and a bibliography of sources. Scales and other passages are resolved with 54 fingering Rules based on examples with original fingerings from the Baroque era. Old fingerings are also suggested for a selection of difficult passages in the repertoire. Please find a recently published review and excerpts in< Less

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