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Learning the Art of Happiness: Learn to Get Happy By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Learn the Art of Happiness: Learn to Get Happy by Best-Selling Health and Wellness Author Cathy Wilson uncovers practical strategies that teach you how to be happy. Wilson offers self-improvement... More > SOLUTIONS that vamoose negative thinking from your life and shows you ways to happiness! Doesn’t matter whether you want to just retire happily, read more how to be happy books, or lose weight with a smile, the power of positive thinking makes for happy people! Only YOU can figure out what makes YOU happy! FACT: Humans are creatures of habit, helpful or hurtful. Wilson simplifies the process. She uncovers your hidden happiness by detailing step-by-step how to commit to making your life happier. With TAKE ACTION SOLUTIONS to make it real. Determining your degree of happiness in love, relationships, work, and life. Just a few of the factors essential to getting your happy on.< Less
Sugar Detox Diet: Blood Sugar Solution By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Sugar Detox Diet: Blood Sugar Solution is a clear-cut whole food based nutrition plan to reset your body and create new healthy food habits! Sugar is a Global Epidemic Are you tired of... More > roller-coaster energy levels? Do you wish you could lose weight for good? Are you sick of dieting and food deprivation? Then this book is for you! You Need Blood Sugar Defense! This Blood Sugar Solution Diet teaches you all about sugars and healthy eating and SHOWS you how to kick your sugar habit for LIFE! It all STOPS with Sugar Detox Diet: Blood Sugar Solutions. Download your copy today and WIN!< Less
How Children Succeed Tough: Highly Effective Great Habits for Raising Successful Children Healthy Habits, Bringing Up Girls, Loving Boys, Teaching Strong Character By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
How Children Succeed Tough: Highly Effective Great Habits for Raising Successful Children has your SOLUTIONS and MINDSET needed to raise children! Worried your child doesn't have many friends? Are... More > you wondering how to encourage your child to set goals and succeed? Do you wish you had a better connection with your child? Are you worried that your child isn't developing normally? Then this book is for you! Unfortunately, children don't come with a manual. So you need books like this one to help guide and support you raising your child positively. By using proven strategies and openly connecting with your child you WILL prepare them better for life! How Children Succeed Tough: Highly Effective Great Habits for Raising Successful Children has your ANSWERS. Download it today and let's get started!strong>< Less
Protein: Protein Food By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Protein: Protein Food by certified trainer, nutritionist, and author Cathy Wilson contains proven strategies and take action steps on how to lose weight, increase metabolism, and feel good about your... More > energy, body, and life! Sneak Peak of What You'll Learn Inside... *Eat Healthy Protein *Sample Protein Food to Lose Weight FAST *Protein Strategies to Boost Metabolism and Blast Fat FAST! *Protein Tips That Detoxify Your Body *Pointers and Action Steps +++ Protein: Protein Food is your first step in healthy, happy, sexy, skinny strong! Are you ready to get started?< Less

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