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His Temporary Mistress By Bethany Sefchick
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Sneaking off to attend a scandalous weekly masquerade Lady Dorothea “Dory” Tillsbury has done one of the worst things imaginable for a proper young lady. She’s falling in love with... More > the masquerade’s host, a gentleman who is completely unsuitable. The so-called “Lord Raven of Dionysus,” Lord Jeremy Dunn has known Lady Dory’s identity from the moment she walked into his club dressed like a harlot. He’s also been completely enchanted by her and wants nothing more than to coax her into his bed, no matter how bad of an idea that might be. One night, Jeremy makes Dory an offer she can’t refuse – become his temporary mistress before she is forced to settle down into a loveless marriage with a man who ignores her. Will Dory make the proper decision or will she follow her heart straight into Jeremy’s bed? More importantly, can these two star-crossed lovers be together outside the mysterious midnight world of the masquerade or is their affair doomed to end in the harsh light of day?< Less
The Pirate's Seduction By Bethany Sefchick
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After the passing of her beloved grandfather and infant son, Lady Lucy Woodfield is being sent to Montserrat to become an elderly plantation owner’s mistress. Before she can reach her... More > destination, however, her ship is attacked by pirates, and she is taken captive. “Bloody” Harry Blackburn is a pirate captain in desperate need of a woman – a very specific type of woman. Harry needs a lady of Quality who can give him a son so that he may claim a portion of an aristocratic English title for his own. Fortunately for him, Lucy just happens to be the sort of lady he’s seeking. Unfortunately, there’s a price on Harry’s head, and he’s being hunted by one of the most fearsome pirates in the West Indies – all over a simple misunderstanding about some gold. Can Lucy be what Harry desires, or will her past prevent her from understanding that Harry needs more than just a warm body in his bed? Will Harry ever realize that Lucy is far more than just a delicate English lady?< Less
A Lady for the Taking By Bethany Sefchick
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After a year of “almost” courting a particular lady, Bow Street Runner Harry Greer has found his attentions wandering as of late. In the meantime, Harry still has a job to perform and is... More > currently keeping track of Lady Penelope Marshwood. New to London, Miss Marshwood is suddenly everywhere about Town and ardently pursing the Duke of Fullbridge. Sent to London by her uncle in order to trap the duke into marriage, Penny has no real desire to ruin the duke or her own life in the process. At present, the only man she can find is Harry Greer and while he might make her toes curl, he has also made it clear he doesn’t trust her. Still, if she fails, Penny’s young cousin Josie will pay the price, being forced to take Penny’s place in the plot to trap Fullbridge. As Harry tracks Penny through the ballrooms of London, both of them begin to wonder if the other is playing some sort of elaborately wicked game? Because so far, the only man who has captured Lady Penny’s attention is Harry!< Less
The Pirate's Heart By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $22.96 $17.22 | You Save: 25%
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Wealthy, beautiful and still unwed, Lady Katherine Sedgewick is the most sought-after woman on Barbados. Six years after the death of her best friend Daniel at the hands of blood-thirsty pirates,... More > she finds herself faced with a difficult choice. She can return to England or remain on the island and hope she does not fall victim to Lord Wilds who desires Katherine for his mistress. One of the most feared pirates in the West Indies, Midnight Jack is not the sort of man anyone wishes to defy. He’s clever, cunning, and when he sees something he desires, he refuses to allow anything to stand in his way. Now, he has set his sights on Katherine, but he’s not the only one. There are others who would have the beauty for themselves. After kidnapping Katherine, Jack brings her aboard his ship, though he has no idea what he’s going to do with her. He simply wants her. Can he convince her that it’s possible to desire more than one man in a lifetime?< Less

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