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HRILIU: Symbolic Explorations of the Gnostic Mass By IAO131
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'HRILIU: Symbolic Explorations of the Gnostic Mass' is an in-depth look at the central ritual of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). The first half of the book gives a general overview of the Gnostic Mass... More > from several different perspectives, including an examination of the basic symbols at work in the mass, the Officers, magical energy, and how Baphomet might play a major factor... The second half of the book is a detailed analysis of the rubric of Liber XV: Ecclesiæ Gnosticæ Catholicæ Canon Missæ , the ritual text of the Gnostic Mass itself. IAO131 goes line by line through the text and goes into symbolic aspects of every part of the Gnostic Mass. The book takes its title 'HRILIU' from the climax of this ritual, when the Priest and Priestess simultaneously utter this angelic word in rapturous communion. Overall, this tome comes in at almost 400 pages of symbolic and Qabalistic exploration of this beautiful and sacred Rite.< Less
Naturalistic Occultism: An Introduction to Scientific Illuminism (Kindle Edition) By IAO131
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**NOTE: This is the Kindle / eBook version of this book.** The second edition of Naturalistic Occultism with over 5 new chapters, over 50 new pages, and a ton of new references/footnotes.... More > Naturalistic Occultism investigates occult phenomena through the lens of naturalism, pragmatism, skepticism, and science.< Less
Thelema Sutras (paperback) By IAO131
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NOTE: This is the paperback edition. Thelema Sutras? What kind of nonsense is this? Well, in short, it’s the kind of nonsense IAO131 enjoys writing. Sutras are Eastern texts, specifically... More > those of Hinduism and Buddhism. They come in many forms and many styles, but they represent the various manifestations of the Light of the Gnosis as they appeared throughout the East. Thelema Sutras approaches the self-same Mysteries of the Western Tradition but with the style and attitude of someone from the East rather than the typical Hermetic-Qabalistic-Occultist approach. Thelema Sutras contains several texts in the style of Hindu Upanishads as well as some in the style Buddhist sutras. Included in the middle of the book is ‘The Lost Sutra of Harold,’ a humorous interlude that tackles things from Western philosophy to astral travel to transcending logic to the Holy Guardian Angel.< Less
The Journal of Thelemic Studies Anthology: Volumes I & II By IAO131
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'The Journal of Thelemic Studies: Anthology - Volumes I & II' is a compilation and reproduction of the four issues of The Journal of Thelemic Studies that were released between Autumn 2007 and... More > Spring 2009. This Anthology contains over 200 pages of material devoted to the study of the Law of Thelema from a variety of authors and artists. This Anthology is meant to serve as a testament to and talisman of the ever-increasing creativity and livelihood of the 93 Current.< Less

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