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The Last Song of Leleni Mihaiën By Karen Deal Robinson
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Leleni Mihaiën watched over the land of Lorlialë for centuries after her death. She became the greatest zélimë Lorlialë had ever known, displacing even the gods. But once... More > she was a young girl growing up in a fishing village, a young refugee displaced by war, a young woman with a healing power. Once she was a very human woman who faced a tyrant with no weapon but her own spirit. Also available in paperback.< Less
Magic in Exile By Karen Deal Robinson
Hardcover: $28.78
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Beverly steps through a portal in Rocky Mountain National Park into Wovenwood, a world of magic and danger, where she meets Alder, leader of a band of outlaws. Bev couldn’t stop her teeth from... More > chattering. “I—I’m not so cold. And m—my clothes are dry now. I’ll just wr-wrap up in a blanket and sit in the corner.” His gentle face hardened into sternness. “Don’t be foolish, child. I didn’t cross fire and water to save you, only to have you freeze to death in my own den.” “I—I’m not a child,” she said, trying to salvage her dignity. “I’m twenty-three.” “You seem younger,” he said dryly. It didn’t sound like a compliment. “Now do as I say and don’t make me force you. I’ve never forced a woman to my bed, but I will now if I have to, to save your life. Don’t be afraid,” he added, more gently. “I mean to do no more than warm you. May the White Lady avenge you if I do aught to harm you.”< Less
Shantelë’s Star By Karen Deal Robinson
Hardcover: $19.72
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Fourteen-year-old Star Coleman is furious when her father leaves her in the care of her aunt in rural Colorado. Her aunt and grandparents believe in a strange land called Lorlialë, a place that... More > terrifies her father. They think Star’s nightmares about a young woman named Shantelë mean that Star is remembering events that happened in Lorlialë 10,000 years ago, in the time of the Drolords. They want her to open a mysterious portal, but all she wants is for her father to take her back to Oregon, and for her mother to be alive again.< Less
Reunion in Lorlialë By Karen Deal Robinson
Paperback: $11.24
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In this sequel to Firithyleleni, a high school reunion leads a young mother back into Lorlialë, where a dangerous dragon cult threatens her little boy, while her former classmate tries to atone... More > for the terrible destruction he has unleashed.Also available in hardback. "He had a momentary dizzying view of the tower stretching away below him. Then a harsh cry shook the stones beneath his feet, and rattled his bones. The dragon’s head rose above the edge of the platform. It opened its huge eagle beak and the light glinted off its rows of Tyrannosaurus teeth. Graham had one terrifying glimpse down its smoking gullet before he closed his eyes. Please, Mihaiën, don’t let it hurt too much. Please let it destroy the dragon. Goodbye, Leni. I love you so much. Then his knees buckled and he knelt on the cold stones, waiting for death."< Less