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1871 By Charles Morgan
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The book opens with Rouget running through the streets of Paris, late for his work as a bookbinder. Rouget is a 35 year old former Marine who has sailed the world as a gunner in the French Navy. His... More > father is an old Jacobin revolutionary who narrowly escaped transportation after the 1848 uprising, while his only sister is disabled. He has a long standing friendship with Clemence and her daughter Jeanne. However, that day at work he meets Therese, a middle class spinster of his own age, who is touring the factory with its owner. Divided by class, wealth and politics they find themselves thrown together through their mutual attraction as Paris is engulfed in war, famine and revolution.< Less
Sympathy for the Devil By Charles Morgan
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Set in 7th Century Europe Brother Morvran, a monk at the Laune Monastery in Ireland who saw his family slaughtered by the Saxons receives a summons from Father Columbanus to go to the Abbey of... More > Luxcuil in France, in order to prepare for a special mission. Columbanus is about to found a monastery at Bobbio, in order to convert the Lombards from the Arian heresy, and Morvran expects that he will accompany him to Lombardy. Instead, he discovers to his horror that he is to be sent into the Thuringian Forest to work among the pagan Germans. He is to be accompanied by two inexperienced monks, Brothers Segius and Petri, both of whom, like himself, are fluent German speakers. Morvran pleads with Columbanus not to send him, as those to whom he will be ministering are of the same race as those who killed his family and enslaved him, but Columbanus sees the mission as a test of Morvran's faith and insists that he go into the German forest where he will confront Kragan, the tribal chieftain and Morvran’s nemesis.< Less
In the Shadow of the Hill By Charles Morgan
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The year is 1924 and in his ancestral seat of Lake House, Michael Summoner, Lord Granville, is dying. He has left his fortune and title to his eldest surviving son, Edward. At his bedside is his... More > youngest son Simon, Simon's fiancée, Vanessa, and his daughter Deborah. Edward is down at the village pub with his friends getting drunk to celebrate his good fortune. The family doctor arrives and seeing that Michael is dying goes to tell Edward. Doctor Sinclair finds him on the verge of marrying Rachel Stevens, the daughter of a farm labourer on his father's estate. He has met her in the pub where she has been sitting alone. Unable to get Edward to change his mind, the doctor agrees to be a witness at their impromptu wedding. So begins a family saga in which an English aristocratic family finds itself at war, not only with itself but with elemental forces of destruction beyond its comprehension.< Less
The Windhover By Charles Morgan
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An epic Russian family saga that runs from the Revolution to the death of Stalin. At its core are Nicolai and Anna, the children of Russian and German communists, whose love for one another seems... More > doomed amidst the nightmare of Stalin’s Russia and the war that engulfs both their countries.< Less

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