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Magic in Exile By Karen Deal Robinson
Hardcover: $28.78
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Beverly steps through a portal in Rocky Mountain National Park into Wovenwood, a world of magic and danger, where she meets Alder, leader of a band of outlaws. Bev couldn’t stop her teeth from... More > chattering. “I—I’m not so cold. And m—my clothes are dry now. I’ll just wr-wrap up in a blanket and sit in the corner.” His gentle face hardened into sternness. “Don’t be foolish, child. I didn’t cross fire and water to save you, only to have you freeze to death in my own den.” “I—I’m not a child,” she said, trying to salvage her dignity. “I’m twenty-three.” “You seem younger,” he said dryly. It didn’t sound like a compliment. “Now do as I say and don’t make me force you. I’ve never forced a woman to my bed, but I will now if I have to, to save your life. Don’t be afraid,” he added, more gently. “I mean to do no more than warm you. May the White Lady avenge you if I do aught to harm you.”< Less