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The Anarchy-Dalrymple-Book Review By Agha Humayun Amin
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Dalyrmples use of historical facts is one sided and extremely biased. Ahmad Shah Abdali never went to Delhi in 1762 so Dalrymples claim that he ousted Imad ul Mulk in 1762 is incorrect (page-259... More > ). By and large the book is a repetition of well known facts of British Indian history . However Dalrymple has wasted a book in vain as it brings out nothing new . His whole conclusion about the company and the title of the book “Anarchy” is extremely questionable and debatable :--< Less
Hein Kiesslings Book on ISI reviewed By Agha Humayun Amin
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Book on isi reviewed critically analysing factual errors as welll as analytical errors - each chapter has been analysed and critiqued in detail
Indian Army on Western Front Reviewed By Agha Humayun Amin
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Review of Jack Mortons book Indian Army on Western Front-As a matter of fact Rohtak was a non Punjabi district transferred to Punjab only in 1858 along with other non Punjabi districts of... More > Karnal,Gurgaon and Hissar for participation in 1857 rebellion. Interestingly our brilliant author Jack Morton makes no mention of Ranghar Muslims in being soldiers in British Indian Army whereas they were a most important part of the cavalry arm. On page 3 he makes nonsense statements about Sikh recruitment highlighting Gujranwala and Lyallpur and totally ignoring Amritsar which contributed highest number of Sikhs : Punjabi Muslims were also recruited from south of Jhelum River , Mr Jack Morton ! Specially districts like Gujrat , Sargodha,Ferozpur, Jullundhur,Ludhiana,Mianwali ,Sialkot,Gurdaspur ,Gujranwala etc. How Jack Morton can pronounce such judgements and where was Mr Strachan in correcting this nonsense emanating from Jack Morton is an unsolved mystery ! Again Jack Morton cites no reference to support< Less
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Kaushik Roys assertions on page-1 about France are not correct , as although Indian Army did play a major role in Battle of Ypres, it was down by 1915 and was completely withdrawn as far as the... More > infantry was concerned in 1915 as it could not sustain the heavy losses in France and Flanders. Kaushik Roy has excessive tendency of delivering Solomons judgements like in his introduction he inflates Indian Armys role in North Africa.Whereas in North Africa British had overwhelming superiority in tanks and the Germans never had any chance of winning the war in this theatre:-- Why Kaushik Roy has to exaggerate and make inflated statements is hard to understand as on page-10 of his introduction to the essays. On page 12 Kaushik Roys claim that there have been few studies of British Indian Armys frontier operations is hilarious , since frontier warfare has been studied and analysed excessively :-- How Kaushik Roy can use descriptions like “few studies” is strange. On page 17 Kaushik Roy makes more< Less

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