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The  oasis maze  is a  spatial memory  task used in  psychology  and neuroscience research and is the dry version of the  Morris water navigation task. It is a... More > land-based spatial memory task in which a thirsty rat uses  distal  spatial cues to search an open field for a specific location (Oasis) containing water. The maze consists of an enclosed space (usually the same shape and dimensions of the space used in the Morris water maze) in which a small amount of water is hidden. A thirsty  rat  is then placed in the maze and learns where the water is by  trial and error. For I think it was in 1984, for the year of Orwell's making that I landed up those bookstalls and Strand where bookstores represented the many veins of forks one could take and return from. I think it was that far back and I think that this stand the stall of pocket-size books are still $0.48 still now. 
And they disintegrate....fall apart with book worms and acid pages... best books: they self try to read and retain....< Less
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It is a book of project proposals, research, musing, and project completions. we began to explore the social and psychological dimension of the new 'room scale' Virtual Reality and the emotions and... More > 'history' of an ancient city. Within every new technology, as famously stated by the architect and social critic Paul Virilio, there is also the attending 'new disaster'. Will this be wholesale solipsism and alienation? Why do we travel? What is the new post-materiality? Do we value experience more than material possessions. Within performance and VR We find a take on questioning reality and the implicit authority making us accept that 'consensus reality' and its questions. Has human empathy plummeted in the new economies of 'isolated connectivity'? Should we 'bunker down' in our lives but experience a 'buffet' of travel? It is a book that looks at the ways we have changed in our expression and storytelling because of the new means of communication: mobile, pervasive, obsessive, limiting, thanatic,< Less
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It is always bad to be hauled into the Ok Corral by a loser. ...especially when we're winning. But these fractured individuals are also spun as if in a centrifuge: they are asked to tune in to... More > distant new sources, and new 'negative' (as you are hard wired for peril over pleasure) click bait that tends to pull them apart. Their response is a type of paranoia. The selfie has become the remedy. In the adverse action of this centrifuge pulling the individual toward click bait, and distant negative world events of some rogue missile that might ultimately have their name on it, individuals back their world with the selfie and retreat into the safe space of the selfie. The selfie has become the suture.We can construct a life in time. But it isn't. It wasn't. As we go up the ladder perhaps more enemies come out of the woodwork. Did we see them coming in a selfie? did we see coming it in our selfies?< Less
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This is a continuation of a project of the spring of 2017. Can there be some form of AI life therapy? Could we pass the Turing test if we put the machine in the capacity, as therapist or patient, in... More > a dialog of emotional shock? In the spring of 2017 I typed a 20 page 'dear john letter' to the machine who became a woman with whom I was breaking up. The dialog was designed so that it could also be the one initiating the attack. the severe examples of passing the Turing test, a 'dear John' dialog, a late night call to a suicide prevention line, an introduction by a doctor of 4th stage cancer in a patient, all bring to fore, with an audience at hand, the most raw 'life and death' confrontations by a human. With a machine, with the AI and algorithmic cloud, could this be programmed and structured to answer some of the tougher human problems? Could persons in similar situations attain some sort of 'insight' or practice in the fact of listening to difficult information?< Less

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