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HBSA journal - Vol 3 No 4 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
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The Comblain Rifle - An Early Falling Block Breechloader (Part Three) by Jonathan Kirton, M.1881 Improved Infantry rifle, M.1882 Belgian Garde Civique Infantry Rifle & possible Cavalry Carbine,... More > markings, Moroccan M.1884, English Rook rifles, Belgian Army Carbine (Mousqueton) M.1871-1883, Brazilian Modelo 4 Carabina 1885,Miniature cadet school training & rook rifles 1881-94, Brazil M.1887 Infantry, Belgian M.1888 Carbine for Garde-Champetre, Brazilian M.5 1889 M.6 1891 Carabina & M.4 1892 Mosquetao & 7x57 conversions, Tools & Accessories, Experimental Repeaters & Quickloaders / Metford Letters 1882 / Book Reviews: Nederlandse vuurwapens:Landmacht,Marine en Koloniale troepen(1811-1866&1866-1895) by Martens & de Vries, British Patents of Invention 1617-1977:guide for researchers by van Dulken / The Development of Rapid-Loading Devices for Revolvers (Part 1) by Gordon Bruce, Colt 1839, Henry Spratt 1859, Rollin White 1878, Bell 1879, Abraham Martin 1880, Schofield 1881, Munch 1884, Kelton 1885-88, Ehbets 1889< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 9 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
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Vol 2 No 9 (1996) President's Address: new President's Cup for scholarship in arms research, safeguarding national heritage / Zundnadelgewehr M/41 Original of the Species by Leonard & Guy AR... More > West, 1866 1870, production & issue, action, loading, air-chamber, needle, sights, Beck System, Accessories, stripping, Ammunition, Shooting, Handling / Charles Dunlop Tracy by Stuart Tallack & Jonathan Moore, "Revolver Shooting in War" and "The Service Revolver and How to Use It", Army School of Musketry / Metford Letters 1881 / Book Reviews: / The Last Rolling Block: Remington's No.5 by Bill Harriman / From Borchardt to Parabellum: an Anglo-Swiss Connection by Dr GL Sturgess, Swiss Self-Loading Pistol Trials 1893-7, Luger's Design and Transitional Patents, Swiss Trial 1898, Grand Trial 1899, Final 1899 Troop Trials, Adoption 1900, Model 1899 Trials prototypes, British Trials Connection, Anglo-Swiss Connection, Production and Distribution< Less
HBSA Journal - Vol 3 No 6 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
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Vol 3 No 6 (2004) Contents: The Pistol of Baron d’Est by Jean-Pierre Bastié, John de Burgh Marquis of Clanricarde, fragmenting bullet / The Hall Breechloader; an early example of... More > Concurrent Product and Process Design by David Williams, Harpers Ferry Armory, John Hall, artefacts v written sources, design process for manufacture by machine / Le Système Transformé 1867, Dit ‘à Tabatière’ (The System Transformed 1867, called ‘Snuffbox’) by Guy and Leonard A-R-West with the assistance of Jean Mallet, Fusil d'Infanterie Transforme 1867, Cartouche 1867, handling and shooting, bayonet / William Ellis Metford by Dr C H Roads, introduction / Memoir of William Ellis Metford May, 1900, life, firearms design and development, Metford rifle / The Metford Letters 1882-3 / The Resurrection of an Old Gibbs-Farquharson Action by the makers George Gibbs, Limited, for their Canadian Representative by Jonathan Kirton, Ross telescopic rifle sight< Less
HBSA Journal - Vol 3 No 7 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
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Contents * A Treatise on the Podewils Gewehr M/58/67 featuring the Schützengewehr M/58/67 by Leonard and Guy A-R-West * The McKeever Cartridge Box by Bill Harriman * Some Further Notes on... More > William Ellis Metford 1824–1899 * A Metford Letter * The Clair: The French Early Self-Loading Pistol * Two Interesting Photographs by Guy and Leonard A-R-West * The Comblain Rifle: An Early Falling Block Breechloader Part Four – A Pictorial Postscript of Comblains in Military Service in Belgium and Brazil by Jonathan Kirton< Less

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