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Ever - A Metaphysical Novel By David Alexander English
eBook (PDF): $12.99
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You are the hero of this story, exploring what lay beyond the physical, earthly plane. You find yourself on a journey of discovery to the source of the eternal answers. the source of the great... More > mystery. the source of infinite love... A deep dive, a philosophical meditation, an epic romantic poem painting a picture to illustrate and illuminate through experimental, visionary science fiction, mystical fantasy, and spiritual adventure, the basic structure of our multidimensional universe, through this bold, new take on the dance of the hero’s ultimate journey of transcendence...< Less
Absolute Truth? By David Alexander English
eBook (PDF): $9.95
The soul refresher course, or handbook you wish they handed you when you first landed on Earth. New light on age old questions like who are we really?; where do we all come from?; and why are we all... More > here now? Full 200 pg. version of the 3rd book in the Divine Metaphysics Series. Original words on original photographs and acrylic on raw canvas paintings from The Sacred Geometry Paintings Series. Originally written in 43 days straight in the spring of 2015, by posting in social media all the days thoughts, inspirations and meditations on the subjects such as immortality, reincarnation, astral projection, and past lives as well as the state of human existence.< Less
On the Path... - Of Self Initiation & Conscious Evolution...? - "Some of what the universe has given me to understand...? - Divine Metaphysics #107 - Handbook of the Infinite & Immortal Children of the Light... By David Alexander English
eBook (PDF): $11.99
Guiding questions on the path of the self initiate. Original words on original paintings and photographs of the contemporary, visionary artist, David Alexander English. The fourth & final book... More > in the yearlong series, & the seventh book in the Divine Metaphysics Series Over 926 metaphysical questions composed daily over the last 90 days of the year which first began on April 21st 2017.< Less
Enoch - A Metaphysical Novel By David Alexander English
eBook (PDF): $12.25
...On the extraordinary life and eternal adventures of whom it was said, “...and Enoch walks with god, because god took him...” ...A thousand years before the flood a man stands on the... More > land his father gave him, that he in turn must pass down to his many sons and daughters. In the late afternoon Sun, a being of light and wonder appears before him seemingly out of nowhere. With eyes wide, the man recognizes that this is one of the mythic beings his ancestors spoke of with all due reverence and awe as one of the messengers of the most high. And so begins the journey of the hero... Seventh novel, twenty-sixth book by the author tells the facinating story of the Patriarch, father of Methuselah, great-grandfather of Noah.. of whom it was said, four generations before the flood Enoch was taken up by a divine messenger, shown many wonders, brought back to teach, and then, “...Enoch walked with god, because god took him...”< Less

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