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Mind Wars By Peter Thompson
Paperback: $11.51
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A takeover of our world? Two elderly people suffering with PTSD become suicide bombers, but why? Neither has any history of wanting to kill anyone, let alone thousands with massive bombs. Tom... More > Ranswick is targeted by a secret Russian drone that is still in development, but which kills his son and father-in-law; it was meant for him. He is once again drawn into the seedy world of underground politics and people with money and power. A group called SMEAR appears to be behind all this, but what is this organisation after? Who is pulling the strings and supplying the money? North Koreans seem to be involved, but is this state-sponsored? Will Shadow of England or Octopus of Russia find out before the world is driven back into the dark ages? Boris Gorsky and Elena Tairov of Octopus help their English friend Tom Ranswick to find the answers. But will they find out in time?< Less
Paperback: $11.21
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The period before World War Two was often referred to as the ‘phoney war’. In that troubled time, an agent for the Home office was sent to Germany under cover to try to find out what... More > Hitler and his allies planned, the group later called the Axis of Evil. Zain Bridges finds to his horror that Hitler was worried about America being drawn into the new world war that was about to start. His scientists were working on a scheme to weaponise the bubonic plague so that it could be used against America, being released over their cities from the sky. It is also said that an Israeli agent fired a pistol into one of the tanks as the Hindenburg came in to land at the New Jersey field. Sailors from the nearby Lakehurst naval base ran to help passengers as the airship burned. However, nothing was left of the sixteen tanks and there was no way to prove that the airship was about to spread the plague. Was America that lucky, and is that why they are such good allies these days with the Jews?< Less
The Flower of MyFous 3 - Lose Not Control By Peter Thompson
Paperback: $11.20
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The road to the stars was paved with danger while he existed, yet my need drove me on to first find a young woman stolen from me and my heart. Pit, the intelligent virus had taken her along with her... More > battleship. Now, after five years, a drone had found it and now I followed with a vengeance in my heart, and perhaps my death at the end. One of us had to die; I could not let Pit escape again. My mission and the lives of every human man, woman and child depended on me completing this. The Stacci, a benevolent alien race had changed my body so much that although I looked human and thought of myself as human, it ended there. I was almost as much a machine as Pit and only one of us could survive once we met again, and that time had almost arrived. There was no going back now.< Less
The Master of Chaos By Peter Thompson
Paperback: $10.04
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Lord Brutus, the new King of Caderia, was soon to learn that being king like his father before him carried a greater burden than he ever thought possible. With the invasion of his own realm by the... More > Master of Chaos (Krossos) almost nigh, he is forced to seek out and free the white wizard Megalin from a trap set by the black wizard Krossos. Only with Megalin’s help can the invasion be stopped and defeated. Megalin sends Lord Brutus help from an unlikely source, the Channi, warriors created by magic that started life as six-inch lizards from the swamps around the fabled City of Magicians. The leader of these creatures is Grogan, who brings a charm that had been worn by Brutus’s late father; this would protect him from dark spells and creatures from the Underworld. So begins his quest to free Megalin and take on the role of protector of Earth and humanity; and the start of his fabled chronicles. A new hero is born?< Less

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