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Jesus Passed By By Joseph Nathan Smith
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Among the many things encountered in this sinful world is a confrontation with Jesus. How that opportunity is handled has eternal ramifications. Don’t waste it.
A Time To Embrace By Joseph Nathan Smith
Paperback: $19.99
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The poems contained in this book were inspired by God and glorify God as the Creator. A poem should be enjoyed. A poem should elevate the reader. Hence, it should provide the reader with spiritual... More > enlightenment and satisfaction. As a bonus, the author has also added a “Commentary of Poems” at the back of the book. A poem doesn’t need such commentary but it helps with the enjoyment part. The author is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and was born at Emory University. He holds a Physics degree from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, and a Masters degree in Information Systems Management. His mother writes poems and she recalls how her father wrote poetry for the Atlanta Constitution. The author writes down verses as he is inspired to write them. Most of the poems did not require much time to write. Although it would not be accurate to say these poems sprang full-formed into his head, some lines and sections actually did. In any case, he dedicates them all to the glory of God.< Less
The Power of His Works By Joseph Nathan Smith
Paperback: $19.99
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This book is about miracles. Does it seem like miracles are lacking in your life? God's power is accessed through prayer; however, not all prayers are accepted. This book highlights the critical... More > components of prayer so that God’s power will find fulfillment in your life.< Less
He Gave Some To Be Pastors By Joseph Nathan Smith
Paperback: $18.99
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Many opinions exist concerning the qualifications of a church pastor. Some believe the leadership in a church should follow the popular social dictates. Others believe the requirements for church... More > leadership are governed by the church body. Following such beliefs, a liberal church would appoint a pastor who is liberal. Likewise, a conservative church would appoint a pastor who is conservative. However, are these popular beliefs Biblical? What are God’s requirements for pastors? Fortunately, God has publicly published them in the Bible. "He Gave Some To Be Pastors" examines these requirements. God has provided a consistent standard for all of His pastors. Furthermore, this unchanging standard is patterned after Jesus.< Less

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