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The Three Little Golden Retrievers By Donna M. Kshir
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(4 Ratings)
Three little golden retriever puppies are forced to leave the family dog house. As they venture out into the world on their own, their mother warns them to beware of the big, bad dog catcher. As each... More > build their own dog house, each experience a different situation with the big, bad dog catcher. Their adventure is exciting, filled with cute illustrations that enhance the book. This is a book children will love.< Less
The Tale of Jeff the Rabbit: Trip to the City By Donna M. Kshir
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(5 Ratings)
One afternoon in a small village called North Bend, Jeff the Rabbit was born in the corner of a carrot patch in small country garden. Jeff was a little brown country rabbit who accidentally hopped... More > into a hamper one afternoon by mistake and fell fast asleep. Jeff awoke in such a fright, when he felt the hamper being lifted from the rocky road into the carrier's cart. The hamper rocked back and forth; throwing Jeff from side to side of the hamper. It was dark and he couldn't see anything inside the hamper, but he could feel his tiny frame shifting against the fruits and vegetables, and he could hear the clicking and clattering of horse's feet as the carrier drove the cart for miles and miles towards the tiny town. Join Jeff on his adventure to get back home to the farm. Jeff's adventure is exciting, filled with cute, colorful illustrations by Zachary Woomer that enhance the book. This is a book all children will love.< Less
Folk and Fairy Tales By Donna M. Kshir & Bob Shank
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(5 Ratings)
Donna Kshir is a child advocate, mom and grandmother to two amazing little boys who knows reading aloud to your children is an important movement to stimulate language, build word-sound awareness,... More > create motivation, curiosity and memory. Donna Kshir and new writer Bob Shank know how to catch the attention of their young audience while challenging their imagination and intellect. Folk and Fairy Tales is a collection of entertaining stories and poems that are stimulating, witty, charming, surprising and a satisfying reading experience for children< Less
A Story of Survival By Donna M. Kshir
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(6 Ratings)
Steven Moyer was a typical teenager until an untimely car accident claimed the lives of his parents. When his immediate family refused to take him in, Steven was forced into the foster care system.... More > Being carted from one foster home to the next (over a dozen times in two years), has made it difficult for Steven to make friends or fit in. Now in his teens, he is placed with the Joneses. Although he is immediately made to feel welcome; once the case worker leaves, they reveal their true colors. Now Steven is forced to make the hardest decision of his life; escape or continue to experience the daily abuse that could one day cost him his life. This powerful story takes the reader through the daily drama of a teenager's life through his own personal memoirs. Experience Steven's pain firsthand as you read through his journal entries during this horrific time in his life.< Less

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