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3DTangle: Tangling with Gold By Eni Oken
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LEARN HOW TO CREATE SHIMMERING ZENTANGLE® WITH GOLD MEDIA Of all the different techniques available to artists, nothing is more fascinating than using metallic pens and paints. This ebook will... More > show you what works and how you can use metallic watercolors and pens to create GLITTERING Zentangle-Inspired-Art. 51 PAGES, PACKED WITH BEAUTIFUL PROJECTS AND TECHNIQUES YOU WILL LEARN: • My favorite supplies for tangling with gold • How to create contrast to enhance gilded work • How to tangle over gold backgrounds • How to tangle with metallic media to enhance gold the right way • My amazing Queen's Quilt technique LEARN HOW TO CREATE GILDED ZENTANGLE! To learn more, including a list of materials, visit Copyright 2016 Eni Oken< Less
3DTangle: Zentangle® Magic Moments By Eni Oken
Paperback: $28.00
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The Zentangle method has fascinated thousands of people worldwide, including me. And yet, every day more people ask questions, "What is so special about Zentangle? What is so different from... More > doodling or any other traditional art methods?" UNDERSTAND WHY AND HOW THE ZENTANGLE® METHOD WORKS AS AN ART METHOD AND RELAXATION PRACTICE. When first discovered Zentangle, I was an artist with almost 30 years of artistic practice and numerous awards under my belt. And yet, I was amazed at the elegance and potential of the method. In this book I will tell you how I met Zentangle, what it did for me, and why I fell in love with it. 64 PAGES, PACKED WITH TIPS AND ANSWERS FOR YOU Regardless of your level of practice in the Zentangle method, you'll find invaluable tips, tricks and ALL THE REASONS why I believe the method works for both beginners and seasoned artists. Learn more about this book at Copyright 2016 Eni Oken< Less
3DTangle: Shading Case Studies By Eni Oken
Paperback: $22.00
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15 Shading Case Studies in Black and White with great tips on how to make your Zentangle® art super 3Dimensional! This is an INTERMEDIATE level ebook, for someone who has already done some basic... More > amount of Zentangle shading. If you are just starting, then get my ebook Shading Fearlessly first. 47 Pages full of gorgeous pictures and incredible tips -- learn by studying 15 case studies, take a peek over my shoulder! This ebook has 15 examples. If you are just starting to shade Zentangle®, ZIA and doodles, then consider getting my ebook Shading Fearlessly first! Find out more at Copyright 2016 Eni Oken< Less
3D Tangle: Vibrant Color Shading By Eni Oken
Paperback: $24.00
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Ready to take the next step in color shading? Create incredible color shading on Zentangle®, ZIA and color books using colored pencils and markers. The book you were waiting for on how to create... More > color shading! This book gives you 8 proven strategies and an array of incredibly valuable tips that will help you to start shading your drawings in color using colored pencils and markers. 62 Pages (my longest book so far) full of information on how to start learn color shading techniques: Color supplies Color Wheel theory: just enough to get you hooked How to use colored pencils and markers for incredibly vibrant results Creating smooth blended highlights Introduction to Reflected Light, to increase realism 8 different coloring strategies, building your technique arsenal Gorgeous Case Studies and examples Great tips and tricks Templates for you Level: Beginner/Intermediate!! I recommend good black and white shading skills before tackling this book! Find out more at< Less

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