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Holiday Hijinx By Shara Azod
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Who knew hiring a male stripper for the office Christmas party could lead some nice, yet oh so naughty? Dana was determined to attract the very best venture capitalist to invest in Sirens, Inc. Her... More > partners and best friends were determined to make this year's office Christmas party the best one ever. So leaving the two to do their worst, which could be extremely bad, she set out to give the presentation of a lifetime to Ty Lafitte, the most sought after investor in all of Silicon Valley.  Who knew a man worth billions could strip like he was a pro? Who knew a lap dance could lead to forever?  < Less
She Will Be Protected By Shara Azod
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Cristene Williams had been the ideal girlfriend. She had stayed faithful through long deployments, tried to help her boyfriend deal with the aftermath of war. But no matter what she did she... More > couldn’t seem to save a man who didn’t want to be saved, Instead, she found herself trapped in an increasingly abusive relationship with no way out. No woman should ever be that unhappy, that wary. Especially not this particular woman. As soon As Capt. Rhys Powell discovered by the entrancing waitress never smiled, he was determined to set things right. Putting his career on the line, Rhys is determined she will be free and she will be protected.< Less
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Vengeance Vengeance By Shara Azod Paperback:
$12.50 $10.00
Beautiful Skin Beautiful Skin By Shara Azod Paperback:
$20.00 $18.00
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