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commentary190 By Michael House
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Freedom is making your own choices. Where you've been doesn't matter but where you're going!
deez- commentary14 By Michael House
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My 6 month coma set me back for sure. That must be why “Modern Marvels”is such a good show to me. I enjoy watching technology develop, I guess, because I feel like any other way I' m... More > missing out. I have no links to society indoors. I have the Web, but the Web itself is out of touch. I have TV, but TV is-- like the Web-- inhuman. I read a lot of fiction. Certainly, that couldn't make me feel in touch with anything. When I was 16, I thought my parents should buy me a vehicle. After all, Papa had promised me a truck. Then church secretary Granny, laughed, lying the promise was a dream. Now I find myself listening for Jim. Here's what I mean. I'll give you the time line. Told a promise was a dream by Granny, I unbuckled & prayed for death. Driver Jacob dozed. Ditch. Cut left. Other ditch. We went through the light pole. I was slung around before I was slung out the window. I went through the rear window. On the EMT squad, my former coach picked me up & carried me to the amb< Less
deez- commentary12 By Michael House
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/TMC is the college hustler rehab therapist led m3 to. I was loudly proclaiming they're cheating me. Loudly saying they put me in the class just to look at it! NOT TAKE IT!!! When I found things not... More > in the book or lessons, or anything else, were on the tests. I withdrew. Most of the class did unless they'd already taken the class & had the duplicate tests to study! Granny had already talked me into transferring to Athens Tech! Marian Hope was also paid off to lead me to hustler Dr. Callahan at Emory who left my shunt a quarter inch short. I want to sue Marian, Dr. Callahan, & TMC $1m a piece & anybody involved! I'll use the money to advertise my books at I want to have a staff of marketers. Winder, Ga, my hometown, is my focus. Everyday I mail out my blog to 463 addresses. The email has the truth about Marian Hope. After I start advertising to billions of people, it'll be good this happened to me. My royalties will be wholly used for advertising. I'll be explor< Less
deez- Commentary8 By Michael House
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Adjusting to Florida was a chore. The sights & sounds, not to mention the driving, were only a portion of it. But I found I don't look at things the way Floridians look at stuff. They then saw me... More > as an outsider. Georgia culture was left behind. I had left my birth state. I was 29 years old. It took a lot of compromising. It is such a beautiful thing to hear Georgia vernacular. I find joy in the Georgia accent. I'm a deplorable. I support Trump because he's very educated. He had very good education. It inspires me to keep my mind busy all day everyday. I had no coffee because there was none. Mom told me I could have her last Kuerig coffee. I insisted she drink it. She said I was volunteering to be a martyr. I looked forward to unknown blessing(s.)< Less

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