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Not In My Name By Simon Mitchell
Paperback: $12.33
Prints in 3-5 business days
The United Kingdom and the United States are no longer democracies. Whoever you vote for, the Government gets in and they are in the hands of a planet-wrecking corporate agenda. They are intent on... More > destroying the conditions for healthy life on Earth, for the pursuit of profit for the few. We are in a race against time, against exponentially increasing inequalities, dire ecological collapse and mass species extinction. This book from simonthescribe shows you why our system of government is in urgent need of replacement. It demonstrates just why we are all in peril. It tells you how to detach your life from government control and find a human purpose beyond the slavery they wish for you. This is a book written with a hundred pens and each is one that says ‘Release the Human Spirit’. It is time to rebel.< Less
First Adventures in Loom Knitting By Simon Mitchell
Paperback: $8.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
In ‘First Adventures in Loom Knitting’, simonthescribe presents you with twenty-four really-simple, easy, original and creative loom knitting projects that anyone can make. He shows how... More > the main advantage with loom knitting is its speed in making simple clothes and fun objects with just two basic weaves. Other loom knitting books can take a step-by-step approach, using over-complex stitches and patterns more suited to knitting needles, that ignore the speed of looming with basic weaves. First Adventures in Loom Knitting has descriptions woven-in as to how each knitted object came about and over 80 photos and illustrations showing the projects. Full instructions on loom types, weaves, row numbers and assembly are given. Not only is it great fun making clothes and woven items for yourself, loom knitting is a craft made for sharing. The unique and easy projects in this book make fabulous gifts for people for Christmas, birthdays or just as random tokens of love and affection.< Less
EarthKeeper - The Second Adventure of Arthur By Simon Mitchell
Paperback: $7.54
Prints in 3-5 business days
Following on from ‘Lost in the Woods – The Adventure of Arthur’ this illustrated, 8,500 word story is for a slightly older age group of nine to thirteen year olds. In... More > ‘EarthKeeper – The Second Adventure of Arthur’ the boy is selected for a magical task by the Giant Oak. In a walled garden out of time and out of place, he is to find and grow the plants he chooses, preserving them from accident and devastation. The ‘Arthur Series’ of stories comes from a deep green place in the middle of the woods. The stories defy convention and seek to build a respect, knowledge and interaction with nature for young people.< Less
Lost in the Woods By Simon Mitchell
Paperback: $7.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
Arthur gets lost in a wood and is guided through a vision quest by woodland animals. He sees how mankind has become separated from nature in this ‘green adventure’ and becomes resolved to... More > do something about it. This story is inspired by a walk that was built into Haldon Woods near Exeter in the UK, which became so popular it was literally ‘worn away’. Called ‘Beginner’s Way’, the author Simon Mitchell, helped to build the walk in the 1980’s. The book contains hand-drawn images of Arthur’s Adventure along with the accompanying story. Ideal for younger readers who like a nature story!< Less

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