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Epitaphs Magazine #8 Fall/Winter 2008 By Minda Powers-Douglas
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Features articles on: - Chippiannock Cemetery's Storm of the Century (Minda Powers-Douglas) - What Is a Chrismon Anyway? (Dusty Smith) - The Lost Children (Colleen Loefler) - Digging Into Cemeteries:... More > The Growing Popularity of Cemetery Blogging - Salzburg's Gardens of the Dead (Michele Jankowski) - Cameras 101 (Joshua Inayat) - Necropolis (Ryan Coffman) - Photos by Steven Hernandez - Taphophiles are Multiplying Like Rabbits: The Story Behind the Association of Gravestone Rabbits (William "Terry" Thornton) - Photos by Mike Smith - An Interview with Buddy Phaneuf of the Internet Cremation Society - Why Should We Care? The International Association of Cemetery Preservationists, Inc. - The Lost Children (Colleen Loefler) - The Crypt Keeper (Giselle Ladoceur-Borowicz) - Book reviews - I "Heart" Cemeteries (photography by Alzi Clanton, Polly Yuill, Jimmy Short, Tammy Jo Fuller, Ryan Coffman, Steven Hernandez) - Why I'm a Taphophile (Peter Denniston, New Zealand) - Back cover photo by Polly Yuill< Less
Haunts of the Quad Cities (aka Genevieve's Ghost Journal) By Minda Powers-Douglas
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Mrs. Genevieve Bailey collected ghost stories her entire life ... and continues to do so today! Every town has its own ghosts and legends. In Genevieve’s journal, you will read the tales of... More > nearly two dozen restless spirits that reside in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa as well as the surrounding area. Enjoy these stories and pass them on to your children and grandchildren to keep the legends “alive.” Minda Powers-Douglas is the author of three books on cemeteries. She was born in the currently haunted Moline Public Hospital and has lived her entire life in Moline, Ill. She once lived in a haunted apartment and believes that the ghost of a little dog “lives” in her bathroom.< Less
Translating Tombstones By Minda Powers-Douglas
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Piecing the Puzzle Together A dove? An anchor? A book? A skull and crossbones? You can find these and many, many other symbols on tomb-stones, but what do they mean? Cemeteries are fascinating... More > places places filled with history, art and meaning. The symbols carved on tombstones say a lot about the people who once lived and are now buried in our eternal parks. This book will explain the meanings behind the symbols and help you understand the special language of tombstones.< Less
Epitaphs Magazine #7 By Minda Powers-Douglas
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Epitaphs Magazine is the magazine for cemetery lovers by cemetery lovers. It is an independent publication that accepts submissions from around the world. For more information about EM, visit... More > or This issue features: Angels & Oddities (unusual finds in the cemetery), How I Became a Taphophile by Steven Hernandez, cemetery restorationist Mark Davis and much, much more!< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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