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Tell Your Story By Paul Lima
eBook (PDF): $2.99
I’ve written my memoir, The Accidental Writer. It contains sex. It contains violence (a bit). It contains writing. And there is more in the book that happened more or less by accident in my... More > life -- like how I became an accidental dad and accidental dog lover. I am biased, but I feel I’ve produced an entertaining and engaging book -- a fun read with serious overtones. I had a blast writing it and feel that anybody over 50 should write their memoir, as I told a writer I know. He said, “My memoir would be as boring as watching paint dry.” (Yes, writers are allowed to use clichés.) My reply was immediate: “When writing your memoir or autobiography, you leave the boring bits out!” In other words, you are not writing everything that ever happened to you. If I were to write a truly comprehensive autobiography even I, the writer, would fall asleep before I finished writing chapter one. With that in mind, Tell Your Story tells you how to writer your memoir or autobiography, and to make it as engaging as possible.< Less
The Atheist Chronicles By Paul Lima
eBook (PDF): $2.99
I remember the day lost my faith. I was six years old and a fervent believer in someone more important to me than god or Jesus. I remember a cousin, about two years older than I was, whisking me down... More > a dark hall. He had something important to tell me. In the darkness of that hallway he whispered in my ear: "There is no Santa Claus!" I was devastated to learn that Santa Claus was fiction that our parents told us as a way to get us to behave. From there it was not much of a stretch to atheism. No Santa Claus, no god. No god, no Jesus. No Jesus, no Heaven or Hell. No Heaven or Hell, no carrot and stick prodding one to live by all the strange rules of the Pentecostal religion.... In this book, I will look at atheism and the grounds for it and look at theism and the grounds against it. This book primarily addresses monotheist religious zealots. However, it cannot do that without some background on the history and evolution of religion.< Less
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Fundamentals of Writing By Paul Lima
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Fundamentals of Writing: How to write articles, media releases, case studies, blog posts and social media content. "Fundamentally, Paul Lima's Fundamentals of Writing is a must have for every... More > writer. If you write, this book belongs on your library shelf. It will get you writing news and feature leads and articles that can be used in periodical or corporate environments. And then it builds on that base as Lima introduces you to writing media releases, case studies, blog posts and tweets." - Arnold Hammer, freelance writer< Less

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