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Educational Psychology By T. Manichander
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Introduction: This unit deals with general nature of growth and development. An understanding of growth and development will helps us to plan educational growth and development of the child.... More > Human life starts from a single fertilized cell. This cell is under constant interaction with the environment in the mother’s womb and after birth with the outside world. This interaction leads to the Growth and Development of the child. The increasing of an organ or limb of the baby, in size and weight is Growth. Division of each cell and their growing into thousands in number, or their changing tissues, blood or bone, is part of the process of Development.< Less
Teacher Education By T. Manichander
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The history of teacher education in India is as old as the history of education and the history of Indian education is as old as the history of human civilization, hence it seems to be correct that... More > that concept of informal teacher education must have been born in India during early ancient Indian period i.e. in 2500 B.C. During ancient period itself India had developed a very sound educational system and was well recognised as the world leader in the field of knowledge. There are many examples to establish this fact in the history of human civilization in general and Indian history in particular.< Less
MANAGEMENT OF SCHOOL EDUCATION By T. Manichander & Dr. Manjula, H.S.
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Management is a universal phenomenon. It is a very popular and widely used term. All organizations - business, political, cultural or social are involved in management because it is the management... More > which helps and directs the various efforts towards a definite purpose. According to Harold Koontz, “Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is an art of creating an environment in which people can perform and individuals and can co-operate towards attainment of group goals”. According to F.W. Taylor, “Management is an art of knowing what to do, when to do and see that it is done in the best and cheapest way”.< Less
ICT IN EDUCATION By T. Manichander & Dr. Manjula, H.S.
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The communication is a process which is the way through people share their feelings, thoughts and ideas with other people and have them understand those feelings, thoughts and ideas. They communicate... More > by listening, speaking and observing, but sometimes people find the process of communication difficult: it can be hard to let others become involved, making it important to understand how to create successful, natural communication. People may need to get a better understanding of the communication model and process before achieving effective communication. It's nearly impossible to go through a day without the use of communication. Communication is sending and receiving information between two or more people. The person sending the message is referred to as the sender, while the person receiving the information is called the receiver. The information conveyed can include facts, ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, instructions and even emotions.< Less

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