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Pocket ESP Mentalism Pins By Simon Beckett
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Pocket ESP pins is a mental effect that will rocket your self confidence and magic! It is self working and with just three pins you will be able to pluck the thought from a spectators mind and devine... More > which colour or colours they chose! The props are simply and normal, there is no set up, there is no force, there is nothing to hide in fact the spectator handles all the props and without suspicion picks any pin they want! This has to be smack in the face mentalism! Better still it's FREE to download at present!< Less
Devils Dozen By Simon Beckett
eBook (PDF): $6.84
The Devil's Dozen - The best selling magic book on ebay is now avaialble on LULU, . The contents of this book are as follows PK Telekinetic Pen Ultimate Mind Reading Touch of Genius Coldreading Guide... More > Astrological guide for coldreading Voodoo Centre Tear ,The Mentalists translucent clipboard Vanished and Gone Time Machine Beckett's Book Test,plus more Over 2000 copies sold worldwide, now available as an eBook! A Perfect gift for any magician from Beginner to Professional.< Less
Vortex'ed By Simon Beckett
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Vortex'ed, Do you have the power of the vortex? With nothing more than 4 cards you show the power to warp not only the cards but your spectators minds.Show four cards,one card vanishes,only to... More > reappear,then change to match the other cards in the packet.Show the backs and fronts of the cards. A very visual and easy to do packet trick. You will need some cards plus one other that 99.9% of magicians will already have. If not full sets can be ordered from us for a nominal fee and with FREE POSTAGE worldwide.Very simple to perform. EYE POPPING MAGIC! Email for card set details at Check the demo on youtube< Less
Mindslasher By Simon Beckett
eBook (PDF): $2.55
MindSlasher is a mental miracle, Read the thoughts of a spectator, instantly and with a 100% hit rate! Using nothing more than a few business or playing cards, at no time do you have to touch... More > anything the spectator uses or writes on! They simply write or draw a word,image etc and you will instantly be able to gain the information. This is a mind reading miracle!!!No Billet Switches, No funny wallets, No palming, No Sleights.No sticky stuff, No double sided funny business! 100% Self working, You will need to supply your own cards and a craft knife,make the gimmick in less than a minute! I know you will use this all the time!It's a KILLER trick! Get the Mindslasher now, you can use this for mental,bizarre,close up and stage magic .Ebay Version comes complete with all cards and ready made gimmicks. Do not pass this up it's amazing!< Less